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Bill Day Fundraising Update – Washington Post

 Bill Day Fundraising Update   Washington Post cartoons

Cool news to report – the Washington Post did a story on our fundraising campaign to help save Bill Day and keep the unemployed cartoonist from losing his home. Reporter Michael Cavna spoke with Bill, who said he’s overwhelmed by the response so far to our fundraising drive. “It restores my faith that there are good people in this world who want to help me,” he said.

Click here to make a contribution to save Bill Day!

Cavna also spoke with Indiegogo co-founder Slava Rubin, who is not only aware of the plight political cartoonists face, but is also a cartoon fan himself!

“Political cartoons have appeared daily in our newspapers for decades, and have been an integral part of American history, art and public life,” Rubin said. “As newsrooms get smaller and online journalism grows, this art form is in decline, and Bill’s campaign is a perfect example of how those from the traditional media industry are looking to alternative sources of funding via crowdfunding.”

Check out the Washington Post’s story here, and continue to spread the word. Bill needs your help, and together we can reach and exceed our goal, and keep Bill drawing for years to come!

indigogo bill day Bill Day Fundraising Update   Washington Post cartoons

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