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The cost of everything, from gas to groceries, remains stubbornly high. Come see the cartoons!

The cost of everything, from gas to groceries, remains stubbornly high. But nothing seems as outrageously expensive as trying to buy a new home.

Home prices skyrocketed during the COVID pandemic, and inflation fears forced interest rates to rise. Rivers tapped into the economic insecurity over the housing market with a funny cartoon featuring two mutts striking it big by selling their tiny doghouse.

Another carton editors liked this week was Adam Zyglis’ take on the death of O.J. Simpson, whose funeral procession was drawn to resemble Simpson’s infamous Ford Bronco police chase.

Here are our top ten most reprinted cartoons of the week:

#1. Rivers

#2. John Darkow

YouTube! Cagle Cartoonists Daryl Cagle, Pat Bagley and Dave Whamond, welcome two other great cartoonists from ourside of our group, Steve Breen and Matt Wuerker to show off and discuss the nastiest FOX NEWS cartoons!

#3. Jeff Koterba

#4. Chris Weyant

#5. Gary McCoy

#6. Adam Zyglis

#7. Guy Parsons

#8. Jeff Koterba

#9. Dick Wright

#10. R.J. Matson

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By Daryl Cagle

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