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TRUMP TRIALS! Top Ten Cartoons of the Week!

Here are our top ten most reprinted cartoons of the week!

It’s hard to satirize the news and Donald Trump with headlines like, “Ex-president selling bibles to help pay legal cost of porn star hush money trial.”

Chris Weyant has had a lot of success poking fun at Trump. He had our most reprinted cartoon this week, a funny look at the former president’s various trials through the lens of the NCAA tournament.

Speaking of madness, the Republicans and Speaker Mike Johnson have just a one seat majority in the House, thanks to some recent retirements. As John Darkow suggests in his popular cartoon this week, now is definitely a good time for Congress to go on spring break.

Here are our top ten most reprinted cartoons of the week:

#1. Chris Weyant

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#2. Dick Wright

#3. Guy Parsons

#4. Dave Granlund

#5. Jeff Koterba

#6. Dave Whamond

#7. John Darkow

#8. Dave Granlund

#9. John Darkow

#10. Dave Granlund

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By Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle is the publisher of and owner of Cagle Cartoons, Inc, which which is a major distributor of editorial cartoons and columns to newspapers and digital publishers. See Daryl's blog at:, see his site at: get permission to reprint his cartoons at: