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Jeff Koterba Explains his Cartoon at our Exhibition

Jeff Koterba's "Big Lie Bat Cave" cartoon in the Donkeys and Elephants exhibition at the Salon in St Just le Martel, France. Donald Trump, elephants, bats, cave, election, denial, big lie,Republicans, Donald Trump
Jeff Koterba’s “Big Lie Bat Cave” cartoon in the Donkeys and Elephants exhibition at the Salon in St Just le Martel, France

We had two lovely exhibitions at the “International Center“, Press Cartoons museum in St Just le Martel, France this year. One of the shows was about Donkeys and Elephants.

Some people talk about cartooning being an international language, but it isn’t, a great example of cartoons that don’t cross borders are American donkey and elephant cartoons, which make no sense to foreign audiences. Our exhibit in France was curated by cartoons historian Olivier Auvray, who invited six cartoonists in our group to show their best donkey/elephant cartoons, which were presented with explanations –even with the explanations, the cartoons seemed seemed pretty difficult for the French fans to comprehend.

Here’s a video that Olivier took, of our cartoonist, Jeff Koterba, explaining his GOP Elephant Batcave cartoon to some French fans at the exhibition.

See CagleCartoonist Ed Wexler explaining his cartoon at our exhibition in France.

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