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Iwo Jima and Baby Formula

Here’s my new cartoon about the military delivering baby formula.

I think of the Iwo Jima memorial being a standard cliché for editorial cartoonists, and I looked back in my archive for some Iwo Jima oldies to put into this post, and I couldn’t find any –maybe I haven’t done one before. Crazy.  It’s like an editorial cartoonist never drawing the Statue of Liberty.

So I started looking for some favorites among the CagleCartoonists, and I didn’t find as many as I expected –but I would some oldies I liked. This one is by Bill Schorr, who was drawing about the sexual assault scandal in the military, twelve years ago.

This oldie is by Dutch cartoonist, Hajo, with the Iwo Jima positioning a general symbol of America.

This one is by Dave Granlund, who doesn’t like President Trump, when Trump referred to US solders buried in France as “Losers” and “Suckers”.

This one is by cartoonist Gary McCoy, who doesn’t like President Obama.

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