Does This Risqué Obama Cartoon Cross The Line?

Our brilliant but knuckle-dragging conservative cartoonist, Eric Allie, weighed in on the Washington Post’s Mitt Romney bullying story with this funny but risqué cartoon I imagine many editors will pass up for safer cartoons:

I asked Allie to weigh in with his thoughts on the cartoon, but he preferred to let it speak for itself.

“It’s crude,” he told me. “And if I offended anyone, sweet. That’s what I intended.”

There were certainly some readers offended on our Facebook page, but there were also a lot of readers who seemed to enjoy the cartoon, even as they disagreed with its message. Here’s a sampling of what readers had to say:

Gregory Kauffman: Demonstrates the wholesome family values of our conservative friends.

Sharon Foust: LOL Oh dear! That is a little risque but accurate. I used to read WaPo every day online. I got so tired of the editorial board sucking up to The Anointed One I stopped reading it.

Joshua Delano: Love it, Bill only had one Intern down there…Barack found a way to have a whole newspaper on their knees for his perpetual pleasuring. Monica had to at least come up for air…

William S E. Coleman: Tasteless and foul. Beyond that, it is stupid.

Matt Doyle: The media has always been in bed with Obama, but this is immature.

David Dolkart: Linda Lovelace would be amused, Mark Felt and Ben Bradlee wouldn’t.

Carlton Godbold: Ugly and stupid, like so much of the senseless Teanderthal bashing. Definitely a low blow.

Alexander Thorburn Hoffman: It sure beats cartoons that are so safe and bland with nothing important to say.

Joseph Edward Bodden: Snide, baseless, intended to be inflammatory, fraudulent and misleading and divert attention away from sober, intelligent consideration of the real issues and their real world relevance.

Jeffrey McMillian: Another lowering of the “common” denominator.

Skip Simons: The GOP has a” Democrat fellatio fetish”, I think… they all want to get serviced, but, their “Conservative Values” prohibit it…. First Lewinsky, now this…

Tim Harshman: Actually you could substitute any of the major networks and the NY Times and it would still fit.

John Swegan: Interesting that the one guy in Washington not caught cheating on his wife would be depicted this way.

What do you think of Allie’s cartoon? Comment below, or drop us a line on our Facebook page.

By Daryl Cagle

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