Does This Risqué Obama Cartoon Cross The Line?

Our brilliant but knuckle-dragging conservative cartoonist, Eric Allie, weighed in on the Washington Post’s Mitt Romney bullying story with this funny but risqué cartoon I imagine many editors will pass up for safer cartoons:

I asked Allie to weigh in with his thoughts on the cartoon, but he preferred to let it speak for itself.

“It’s crude,” he told me. “And if I offended anyone, sweet. That’s what I intended.”

There were certainly some readers offended on our Facebook page, but there were also a lot of readers who seemed to enjoy the cartoon, even as they disagreed with its message. Here’s a sampling of what readers had to say:

Gregory Kauffman: Demonstrates the wholesome family values of our conservative friends.

Sharon Foust: LOL Oh dear! That is a little risque but accurate. I used to read WaPo every day online. I got so tired of the editorial board sucking up to The Anointed One I stopped reading it.

Joshua Delano: Love it, Bill only had one Intern down there…Barack found a way to have a whole newspaper on their knees for his perpetual pleasuring. Monica had to at least come up for air…

William S E. Coleman: Tasteless and foul. Beyond that, it is stupid.

Matt Doyle: The media has always been in bed with Obama, but this is immature.

David Dolkart: Linda Lovelace would be amused, Mark Felt and Ben Bradlee wouldn’t.

Carlton Godbold: Ugly and stupid, like so much of the senseless Teanderthal bashing. Definitely a low blow.

Alexander Thorburn Hoffman: It sure beats cartoons that are so safe and bland with nothing important to say.

Joseph Edward Bodden: Snide, baseless, intended to be inflammatory, fraudulent and misleading and divert attention away from sober, intelligent consideration of the real issues and their real world relevance.

Jeffrey McMillian: Another lowering of the “common” denominator.

Skip Simons: The GOP has a” Democrat fellatio fetish”, I think… they all want to get serviced, but, their “Conservative Values” prohibit it…. First Lewinsky, now this…

Tim Harshman: Actually you could substitute any of the major networks and the NY Times and it would still fit.

John Swegan: Interesting that the one guy in Washington not caught cheating on his wife would be depicted this way.

What do you think of Allie’s cartoon? Comment below, or drop us a line on our Facebook page.

By Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle is the founder and owner of Cagle Cartoons, Inc. He is one of the most widely published editorial cartoonists and is also the editor of The Cagle Post.

44 replies on “Does This Risqué Obama Cartoon Cross The Line?”

This is how people get noticed these days, shock and awe will get you talked about.

Accurate!!! Maybe a cartoon like this will awaken the Washington Post and other mainstream media outlets as to how the thinking public views their bias for liberals. It is not just Obama. For example, Elizabeth Warren has lied about her ancestry, manipulated a flawed racial preference system, taken jobs that should have gone to real minorities, parlaying the foregoing into wealth and a U.S Senate candidacy. Where is the MSM? In a closet with the lights out! Shame on them! They need to do their job or quit and let someone who will have a chance.

What I find so interesting is that all you'd have to do is substitute Mitt for Obama and the Wall Street Journal for the Washington Post and it' would read the same way… 😉

I appreciate the reference to the Post's original Deep Throat who brought down Nixon. Crude, yes, but also clever.

What? Only Bill Maher is allowed to be tasteless and offensive? Whatever your level of "delicacy" it makes a point.

If the cartoonist wants to be fair, he should show the National Review and the Weekly Standard under the desks of Romney, McConnell, Boehner, etc.

Wow. First the sacriligious Jesus cartoon and now this? Both liberals and conservatives are very disappointing.

And a million people die for no good reason in Iraq, and where was the liberal, ANY, media? Any why don't the ignorant tea baggers give a shit about a trillion-dollar war??? THAT'S why we have a goddamn deficit. That and tax cuts for the wealthy "job creators."

Daryl, regardless of one's political bent, the cartoons of the past two days have been bottom-scrapers. Any 6-year old can say bad words and shock his playmates, getting the attention he likes. Are you in some kind of a race to the bottom to see how low a cartoonist can go, and then publish said cartoon?

What lie did she tell? She actually has as much native blood as the current chairman of the Cherokee Tribe. Don't drink the Koolaid so quickly…

I hope you guys dont classify yourselves as journalists……with this kind of trash it just removes all doubt that if you stoop to this level you belong in a comic book profession in north korea

Yes, I'm offended! You got your message across to me, Eric Allie. I know you think the Washington Post is prejudiced against Romney, but THIS???? Come on!

Should have have been MSNBC's Chris "Thrill up my leg" Matthews. It's great to see a conservative cartoon every once in a while. The critical comments show that liberal demorats have no sense of humor when they are the ones getting gored!

Allie is a gremlin who condescends his viewership with a childish art style and an even more immature worldview.

Except that all Reich-wingers would be howling over how offensive it was. And can you imagine the hysterical caterwauling if a cartoon like this had featured Bush and Faux News? Honestly, I'm not even that offended. I shake my head at how eager Eric Allie is to demonstrate that his taste is as deficient as his talent. (Honestly, I've seen high schoolers show better cartooning skills than this clown.) But since I now pretty think all Republicans privately call Obama a n****r when no one but other Republicans are around, I can't say that this was even a blip on the outrage meter.

I am a tea party menber. I want all troops brought home from Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, Korea, Japan and anywhere they are stationed. We have a deficit because of foreign aid, welfare, illegal aliens, corrupt politicians, Freddie mac, fannie mae, UN dues, NATO, world bank, and all the money wasted by congress.

You have just shown that you are part of the problem, rather than the solution in our daily life of sinking into the gutter due to lack of respect, ethics and self control. You may draw cartoons but it does not make you a cartoonist as you seem to mistake the idea of humor with that of sleeze. And no I am not an Obama fan, just a person who value and appreciate good humor.

Odd that you left out farm subsidies, oil subsidies, bloated defense, ineffective, needless, redundant homeland security, ear marks, bailout of a De-regulated wall street, out sourcing job. Did you run out of crayons?

rightwingNuts foaming at the mouth, what a surprise that Faux/GOPnews spends 24 Hrs a day bashing Dems and the President….GOP Pols=No Ideas, No Solutions…GOP the party of Cry babies, crooks and Con Men…

I'm no Obama fan, but in order to be funny, humor must be based in REALITY. The cartoonist's great crime is that he actively DISINFORMS the readers. The Post delayed printing Romney's bullying story to avoid printing it right next to Obama's announcement that homosexuals deserve equal rights, even though both stories broke at the same time. This indicates a huge unethical preference for Romney, not Obama, on the part of the newspaper you're criticizing. Perhaps you should redraw your cartoon with this in mind

I know it hurts when reality just won't bend to fit your conception of it, but don't expect the rest of us to go along with a fantasy. Be as crude as you like, but don't DISINFORM. That is the unforgivable sin here. Cartoonists have a greater responsibility to tell the truth than even journalists do, as they have more power.

Not shocked. Embarrassed for Allie and his public display of ignorance.
The cartoonist has no concept of what humor is, nor what it needs to be effective.
Sad… so sad.

that almost covers it, but why stop there. include buying dope and the vast expense in containing importation of same, giving guns to "everybody" and then hiring hordes of policemen to control us, cheating on taxes and for that matter under reporting income, and last but not least under educating our children so that they turn into Tea Bag supporters.

WOWOHWOW…Can't wait for Allie's cartoon showing Mitt astride that poor, horribly frightened boy, not knowing what is happening, pinning his arms with his knees, rippng at his hair as he & his friends emotionally/mentally rape him as they assault him, 1 to 3 steps shy of total male rape…i can just see your funny Mitt's cartoon thought balloon:" CAN'T WAIT TILL I CAN FORGET THIS!!!!!" & another saying, "…WELLLL. SINCE I GOT HIM DOWN…."!!!! Don't forget to include the boy screaming "STOP…DON'T..PLEASE STOP…STOP, YOU RE HURTING ME…OWWWWW…HELP…STOP STOPSTOP"…COME ON, ALLIE, MAKE THIS FUNNY, TOO

Crude? Yes, but also extremely accurate as to the media's worship of all things Obama

I am a female conservative baby boomer who enjoys politoons and also shares the editorial comics from Townhall, Cagle and GoComics with my friends, but this one….nuh-uh…sorry, this is just too….lewd to pass on.
There were better ways that Eric could have made his point re: the media's love for all-things Obama.

Daryl – you ran this the day after running that one about freddie mercury and Jesus in bed. If this is going to be a trend, I will disconnect from the email list and won't look at the site anymore. You don't need to be pushing smut on us.

Where is the cartoon of Romney sitting on a guy in H.S. and forcibly cutting his hair ? Right-wing does not address the motes in it's own eyes. Another cartoon would have Fox news and all right-wing pundits in line to suck-off Rush Limbaugh, but I think that beneath printing.

I was surprised to find a Cagle message in my "Junk E-mail" box this morning, but after reading it, I tend to agree with Outlook.

The only redeeming portion was the retrospective display of a "media bias" cartoon published in 1912.

It, indeed, showed how far our culture and values have fallen.

Not in good taste. But, neither was Jesus in bed with whomever. Considering what the Bushes suffered at the hands of you cartoon people, I guess payback is hell.

It just shows that any insult that can be thrown at Pres. Obama is okay with Conservatives, no matter how vulgar. Not much class there!

Oh my god that was just really nasty.
Again, the media is not liberal biased. It's not like all they ever broadcast is "OMG Obama is good!"
I can think of a lot of other ways Allie could have made his point…

Yep, base your cartoons on truth and not the random fantasies floating about in your brain

This comic is just kind of immature. Yes, the media is more of a liberal thing but it's not like they're doing THIS….

Oh, yeah, we must protect the imaginary. The got imaginary rights and feelings, too.

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