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Kavanaugh Grope

The Republicans seem to be tone deaf about how they sound when they dismiss women’s sexual assault claims. “Tone deaf” and how things “sound” don’t translate well into editorial cartoons, which are all about how things look, so I thought the GOP elephants groping the justice statue character made the same point visually.

The descriptions of Kavanaugh’s alleged high school and college offenses have been pretty graphic, but the bar for how graphic a cartoonist can go in editorial cartoons in America is not set very low, so I’ll be interested to see if newspapers will print cartoon elephants grabbing Justice’s boobies. I’ll know soon!

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Trump’s Wandering Eye

President Trump surprised the pundits and his own Republican party when he sided with the Democrats this week. Trump hasn’t been getting much from the grouchy, ineffectual Republicans, so it shouldn’t be surprising that his eye starts to wander.

That Democrat is quite a cutie.

This cartoon is similar to one I drew many years ago, when President George W. Bush was looking to jump into wars around the globe.

Men don’t change much, huh?


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DACA – Catch!

Is President Trump being clever to throw DACA at congress? It is hard to know, but it certainly makes the Republicans look heartless if they don’t catch those “childhood arrivals.”

I drew this one a couple of days ago. Sorry to be slow. It was fun to see it in today’s USA Today …

It is funny to see the Jeff Parker cartoon at the bottom of USA Today’s Friday round-up. Jeff retired from editorial cartooning to focus on drawing the comic strip “Dustin” with Steve Kelley. (I’m still crying about Jeff’s retirement.) We didn’t have many cartoons about hurricane Irma bearing down on Florida, and Jeff drew lots of hurricane cartoons back in the day, so I dusted off a couple of evergreen Jeff Parker hurricane oldies and reposted them for newspapers on –just what newspapers wanted today.

Jeff remains the king of hurricane cartoons. You can still see Jeff’s archive of oldies, including this cartoon, at:

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Rembrandt Oldie

This cartoon about the Republican Senate fail on Trumpcare is based on an oldie from Rembrandt titled,”The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp.”

This is actually a double-oldie as I drew this one years ago when Obama beat Mitt Romney, much to the horror of Republicans who then had an “autopsy” to figure out how they could have possibly lost. Their autopsy informed them that they should cultivate Hispanic voters – an idea that seems like a quaint, old-fashioned notion for today’s Trumpy Republicans. I thought it was also a good fit for the current Trumpcare debate in the Senate, so I dusted it off with some new wording.

The original is below. I think Rembrandt would have made a good editorial cartoonist.

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Republicans: Repeal and Replace!

The Democrats worked on passing Obamacare for a year and we got lots of cartoons with the medical symbol, the caduseus. Republicans don’t have so much time to plan, they are swallowing healthcare whole without chewing – and it is caduceus time all over again! Here’s my Republican healthcare debate cartoon …

I drew this as a live-stream on Twitch. See me in the video below as I start with a blank sheet of paper and no layout in mind.

The next video show me coloring this one, along with tomorrow’s cartoon about Trump and Twitter …

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The Sky is Falling!

We hear from editors who want more “pro-Trump” cartoons – but editorial cartoons are a negative art form. Cartoons that support anything are lousy cartoons. And there are few conservative cartoonists to begin with. I drew what could be considered a “pro-Trump” cartoon below.

I think this is about as close as we’re going to get to “pro-Trump” cartoons over the next four years – cartoons that bash third parties, like crybaby Democrats or media bashing cartoons like mine.

I drew this one as a live stream on – you can watch in the videos below. The first one shows me doing the rough sketch and final line art …

And the next video shows me coloring the cartoon in Photoshop …

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Scalia’s Empty Chair

I don’t like Antonin Scalia and I was originally going to draw Lady Liberty and Lady Justice dancing on his grave – but that was nasty and I went a softer route with the empty chair. I understand that in the upcoming Supreme Court cases his chair will be draped in black. The idea that Scalia was a doctrinaire “originalist” who was dedicated to the constitution over his own conservative views flies in the face of his Bush vs. Gore decision. Scalia was a hypocrite.

This is a revision of a cartoon I did some years ago, about the Supreme Court being partisan. I think it is better with the empty chair.

Here’s the video of my day drawing this cartoon and the one after this one! Sit back and take a look.


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Republican Nooses

The Republicans infighting in congress is pretty crazy – enough for another noose cartoon. 

I seem to draw a lot of nooses. I draw lots of wordless cartoons and a noose is a good, simple, graphic threat. Here are the Republicans with a caduceus noose, from when they were trying to stop the government over and over, to protest Obamacare.

And here’s a more recent Trump tongue noose, when everyone, including me, thought that Donald Trumps provocative statements would knock him out of the presidential race – I was wrong; I guess I was playing too loose with that noose.

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Common Core in Tennessee

Here’s my new cartoon for the Nashville Next altie-weekly newspaper. Tennessee has a number of commissions that are passionately reviewing the Common Core standard that conservatives in this red state just can’t stand.



Epic Dysfunction in Congress, Obamacare and Ted Cruz as a Monkey Throwing his Poo

Here is my last week of cartoons.  Today I’m headed out for the editorial cartooning convention in St. Just, France, with my brilliant cartoonist buddies, Steve Sack, Bob Englehart and Pat Bagley.

Here’s my most recent cartoon, with the GOP all tied up in a knot.  They seem to be pretty dysfunctional right now, gumming up the government for everybody.  (I was just drawing the heels of his shoes with the old fashioned nails and gripper on the back, I wasn’t think of his heels having happy faces.  I guess I have to think of everything.)

600 GOPknot300dpiCMYK9 Epic Dysfunction in Congress, Obamacare and Ted Cruz as a Monkey Throwing his Poo cartoons


I did a second GOP knot cartoon this week, which makes the point more about the split in the Republican party.

600 ElephantKnot300dpiCMYK Epic Dysfunction in Congress, Obamacare and Ted Cruz as a Monkey Throwing his Poo cartoons


I’m trying to do more texture in my cartoons.  I’ve been asked why I do the yellow backgrounds so often in my cartoons.  I like the yellow because it is intense and light so that it doesn’t draw away from the line art.

I drew a THIRD Republican knot cartoon this week.  This is my knotty Republican week.  Here is the GOP hanging himself on the medical Caduseus (Obamacare).

1790B GOPCadeuseus300dpiCMY Epic Dysfunction in Congress, Obamacare and Ted Cruz as a Monkey Throwing his Poo cartoons

Enough of knots. When Ted Cruz was doing his useless filibuster, reading from Dr. Seuss, and the other cartoonists were all making Dr. Seuss metaphors, I was rather more annoyed with Cruz, so I drew him as a monkey throwing his poop.

600 CruzMonkey300dpiCMYK Epic Dysfunction in Congress, Obamacare and Ted Cruz as a Monkey Throwing his Poo cartoons

I know that there won’t be many newspapers that will print this (if any will at all).  I guess that is one of the perks of being my own editor – I can draw whatever I want even if nobody wants to see it.  This cartoon is actually a homage to the great, British cartoonist Steve Bell, who drew a famous image of George W. Bush in a similar pose.  I’m a big Steve Bell fan.

The last one for the week is this Republican suicide bomber cartoon.  I’m leaving for the convention in France at a difficult time, with all the wonderful, crazy politics going on now.  I won’t be drawing new cartoons for a week or so, but when I come back I expect to have some pent up angst, ready for the drawing board.

600 GovtBomb300dpiCMYK Epic Dysfunction in Congress, Obamacare and Ted Cruz as a Monkey Throwing his Poo cartoons


Arab Spring, Obamacare, Republicans and Teachers!

Here are my three most recent cartoons! I just finished this one on the Republicans’ 40th vote against Obamacare and their recent attempt to shut down the government over Obamacare. They will be run over each time.  They don’t learn.

135509 600 Arab Spring, Obamacare, Republicans and Teachers! cartoons

Since you folks like to see my messy, rough sketches, here you go …

ObamacareSketch600 Arab Spring, Obamacare, Republicans and Teachers! cartoons

The next one is the Arab Spring in Egypt.  Here is the line art that most people will see in the newspapers.

135225 600 Arab Spring, Obamacare, Republicans and Teachers! cartoons

I try to do enough line work in these that I get some dark and medium areas to anchor the composition.  I wouldn’t worry so much about that if I knew it would only run in color.  The color version is below.  I’m trying to use more texture in my color now, mostly with a rubber stamp pattern in Photoshop that looks like a sponge.

135235 600 Arab Spring, Obamacare, Republicans and Teachers! cartoons

And I did this cartoon about teachers, then and now …

135351 600 Arab Spring, Obamacare, Republicans and Teachers! cartoons

This is a refurbished oldie which has been a big seller in pay-per-use. I noticed another nice book sale on this one in our system last week, and I thought the cartoon needed to be freshened up.  Here’s the original …

77685 600 Arab Spring, Obamacare, Republicans and Teachers! cartoons

I always tell cartoonists not to put the year in their cartoons.  For some reason artists like to put the year after a copyright circle ©, which just makes the old cartoons, that should sell as evergreens, suffer for their age.  Now this cartoon isn’t dated, and I think it is greatly improved with the black and white in the first,  1960 panel.

I noticed after I posted this last week that almost every newspaper subscriber was downloading it, even though I marked it as a revision.  Some cartoons strike a chord.  I got this idea from my Israeli cartoonist buddy, Uri Fink.  Thanks again, Uri.



Zimmerman, Arab Spring and Obamacare!

Here is my weekly post on my new cartoons.  My most recent cartoon, on George Zimmerman’s acquittal, was a quickie.  Here is my rough sketch – I took a scan of the Community Chest Get Out of Jail Free card, made it light in a print out, and did a rough sketch on top.

MonopolySketch Zimmerman, Arab Spring and Obamacare! cartoons

Then I dropped in the color.  I had it all done in ten minutes, a new record for me.  If only all of the cartoons were so quick and easy.  Usually I muddle and fiddle for a long time with each cartoon.  This one got a lot of attention in social media because it was fast.

134528 600 Zimmerman, Arab Spring and Obamacare! cartoons

The previous cartoon was Obama in the Arab Spring bathtub, with lots of dangerous appliances.  Don’t stick a fork in the toaster!  Here is the rough sketch – this one took some muddle and fiddle time to get the position and appliances to be the way I wanted them.

ObamaTub Zimmerman, Arab Spring and Obamacare! cartoons


Then I did the finished line art, and added a bit of gray to make it read a bit more clearly. The black and white image is what more readers see in the newspapers.

134523 600 Zimmerman, Arab Spring and Obamacare! cartoons

And here is the color that you see on our site, and the newspapers that print in color. I had fun with this cartoon.

134524 600 Zimmerman, Arab Spring and Obamacare! cartoons

The previous cartoon was about the one year postponement in the employer mandate on Obamacare.  Republicans “jumped on this” as evidence of Obamacare’s “failure” and “chaos.”  Here is the rough sketch.

ObamacareSketch600wide Zimmerman, Arab Spring and Obamacare! cartoons

… And here is the line art, that most people will see in the newspapers that print black and white.  I always like to black and white version better.  There is something more elegant about black and white.  Readers always tell me that color is better.

134422 600 Zimmerman, Arab Spring and Obamacare! cartoons

And here is the color.  I did this one a little differently, with quick, transparent colors.  I think I’ll probably do messier color like this going forward.  I really like Pat Bagley’s sponge texture – that’s the next thing I’ll try.

134536 600 Zimmerman, Arab Spring and Obamacare! cartoons

POSTSCRIPT: Well, after writing that, I couldn’t get the sponge thing out of my head and I added a subtle bit of Bagley texture to the background.  I should do more of that.  And more boldly.  I’m timid starting out.  Here’s the revised version, not too different, but nicely textural. Zimmerman, Arab Spring and Obamacare! cartoons

Here’s a detail from the revised version.

detail Zimmerman, Arab Spring and Obamacare! cartoons