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Palestinian Daggar Eyes

In old time comics there was a great thing where, when a character gives a dirty look the cartoonist would draw knives, or daggers, coming out of their eyes, pointing at where they are looking. defines it this way:

When someone who tries to intimidate another person, they will flinch quickly towards that person, and exercise a quick widening of the eyes, in effort to scare away the supposed moron who tried to intimidate them in the first place. Usually, the kid who gives the dagger eyes is much more adapted to survive through mockery, and this action helps to scare off possible douche bags who try to scare the dagger eyed kid.
In Hawaii they call it “stink-eye”. With all the stabbings, “dagger eyes” worked for me.
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My Interview with Pakistani Cartoonist Sabir Nazar

It is tough to be an editorial cartoonist in Pakistan. Check out my conversation with courageous Pakistani cartoonist Sabir Nazar who will soon be joining our site. I put some samples of his work below the video.








Sabir is the staff cartoonist for The Daily Express Tribune, which is affiliated with The New York Times International. He draws color cartoons for The Friday Times, Newsweek Pakistan, Pakistan Today and The Herald, all in Pakistan.

Welcome to, Sabir!

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See me at MTSU, in Tennessee on Thursday, October 22nd

I’ll be giving a lecture with lots of cartoons at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tennessee (just south of Nashville). It is a rare opportunity to see the reclusive, elusive Cagle – and it is free to the public! It will be at 4:30pm pon Thursday, October 22nd in the Bragg Media and Entertainment Building, Room 104.


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Republican Leadership Puzzle

The Republicans in the House of Representative are a real puzzle – so I decided to go with that for today’s cartoon. Perhaps this a little obtuse. I think that readers who are familiar with my work would be able to decipher my GOP elephant from just a tiny little puzzle piece, but this cartoon may go over the heads of many readers.

I thought it was possible that some readers (particularly elderly readers who love old-fashioned jigsaw puzzles) might actually cut the little pieces out and assemble the puzzle – and it actually works! SPOILER ALERT — scroll down to see the solution … or, is that really the solution … ?


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Republican Disarray!

The Republican battles for Speaker of the House make great theatre. Here’s my new one – a battle royale.

Here are a couple of oldies that I reposted because they seem so appropriate right now.

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The New York Times, a Student Contest and Editorial Cartoons

The New York Times, which doesn’t have an editorial cartoonist and dropped their weekly round-up of syndicated editorial cartoons years ago, recently announced a contest for budding, young, student editorial cartoonists, who may grow up to not be published in the New York Times.

NYtimesClipThis story is so tone deaf and ironic that I had to write a bit about it. A judge of the contest is my cartoonist buddy, Patrick Chappatte, pictured at right, who draws for the New York Times owned “International New York Times” which was formerly the “International Herald Tribune.” Patrick lives and works from his home in Switzerland.

The Times runs a lot of illustrations on their editorial pages, and these may look like editorial cartoons to readers, but illustrations are done to the specifications of the client, and are usually depicting the ideas of the writer of the columns that the art accompanies. Editorial cartoonists are like visual columnists, we draw our own ideas, something that clearly makes editors at the New York Times feel uncomfortable.

There are two famous, unattributed quotes from NY Times editors:

1) We would never hire an editorial cartoonist because we would never give so much power to one man.

2) We would never hire an editorial cartoonist because you can’t edit and editorial cartoonist like you can a writer.

Most of the syndicated cartoonists submitted their work to the Times back when they did a weekly “round-up.” The Times would pick perhaps three cartoons, and paid $50.00 each, but only if the cartoonist noticed that they ran his cartoon, and sent them an invoice. When I asked them about this system, they told me that they expect everyone to read the Times, so, of-course, everyone would notice if a cartoon was used.

Suppose I placed a standing order with McDonalds; I would instruct McDonalds to deliver a hamburger to me every day at lunch time. I may or may not choose to eat the hamburger, and if I choose to eat it I’ll pay for it, but only if someone from McDonalds sees me eating it and asks me to pay. Cartoonists went along with a plan that McDonalds would never countenance.

Sometime after dropping their round-up, editors at the Times had second thoughts. They had conducted surveys where readers responded that they missed seeing editorial cartoons in the Times, so the Times decided to bring the round-up back, but this time, without paying the pesky $50.00 fee to the cartoonists. They sent emails to the top cartoonists, inviting them to submit again, for the privilege and exposure that having a cartoon in the Times would bring them.

To their credit, my colleagues revolted, with most of them responding in emails to the Times that they would not submit cartoons for no payment and the Times dropped the idea.

And that’s where we are with traditional editorial cartoons in the New York Times – America’s newspaper of record; they could have any of the best editorial cartoonists jump at the opportunity to work for them, but, alas, we’re not worth $50.00.

The biggest circulation newspaper in America, The Wall Street Journal, doesn’t have an editorial cartoonist either. At least USA Today still pays $50.00 for a cartoon.

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Carly Fiorina’s Eye Test

Carly Fiorina insists that Democrats should look at the Planned Parenthood gotcha tapes to see the images of a “fully formed fetus, its legs kicking, as someone says “we have to keep it aline to harvest its brian.” Trouble is, no such video exists. Florin says that is just a “technicality.” And, considering that most of what Planned Parenthood does is health services unrelated to abortion, I thought I would draw Fiorina getting a Planned Parenthood eye test – there’s no way to know what she will see.

Frankly, the Planned Parenthood tapes seem to me to be nothing more than meat for the Republican wolves, without any real substance. I would like to see Planned Parenthood, and all abortion providers, give tissue samples (or as Fiorina would say, living, kicking, cute. little human babies) to researchers – if it was up to me, I’d require them to do so, and to conduct the abortions in such a way as to make those samples more viable for research as they are now prohibited from doing, and I’d have them charge for it. Why don’t we hear calls for requiring all abortion providers to do what Planned Parenthood does on these tapes?

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John Boehner – No Mas!

House Speaker, John Boehner, just announced his resignation. I’m sorry to see him go, he’s a great character, although I didn’t draw him very often. Most of the cartoonists color him orange because of his unnatural tan, and I jumped on the bandwagon with that. Lucha Libre! (The color here is off, he’s not really that day-glow orange in the print version – I have a little compassion, at least in print.)

I also notice that politicians who are heavy smokers do a good job hiding their cigarettes whenever the cameras are around, so I make a point of giving those guys a cigarette in my cartoons. I did that for a while with Obama, but since he’s made an effort to quit, I quit giving him cigarettes also – although I notice that some conservative cartoonists still give him cigarettes.

The other thing to do with Boehner is to draw him crying. I suppose I should have given him a tear in his eye – just as I should do with the Statue of Liberty. Here’s a crying, quitting Boehner by my buddy, Rick McKee.

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Carly Fiorina – Look at my face!

This is my first Carly Fiorina cartoon. It looks like I may be doing more over the next year. She’s actually pretty easy to draw, with her eyes that tip up at the edges of her face, the long nose, pointy chin and skinny neck. It is fascinating to me how objectively bad her business record was, and still she runs on her business record as her qualification to be president. When she launches into a moralistic screed it makes my skin crawl – I think she is my least favorite Republican, but this cartoon goes easy on her.

Of-course, the cartoon refers to her spat with Trump about her “face” – as long as people look at her face – or look at anything but her record, she’s on her way up in the polls.

This Fiorina cartoon by David Fitzsimmons is my favorite. It conveys some information, something I usually try to avoid doing in cartoons (it takes too many words), but it works here …


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El Diablo Volkswagen

Here’s my Volkswagen cartoon – this is a simple “name-calling” cartoon; editorial cartooning in its purest form.

I thought about making a Volkswagen car into a devil, but I didn’t think that would be too easy to read, so I went with the logo, which is a little strange looking, but what the hell. And I included lots of hellish smoke. I notice the Yahtzee cartoon for this issue is a Volkswagen logo obscured with smoke, or with a little exhaust pipe and smoke.

My favorite so far is from Danish cartoonist Herbjorn Skogstad, who drew a guy doing a giant Volkswagen fart. I think it is the duty of editorial cartoonists to draw farts, poop, dogs and Statues of Liberty at every opportunity.

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Pied Piper Trump!

This Donald Trump cartoon will probably stay on the front page for a long time as I’m traveling between far too many conventions this month. I just got back from the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists convention in Columbus, Ohio. Tomorrow I’m headed off to a big editorial cartoonist confab in Caen, France. Then I’m off to another in Quito, Ecuador. After that there is the big annual editorial cartoonists weekend in St. Just le Martel, France.

These are stressful times for our profession as we’re squeezed between a changing business environment and terrorists who want to kill us, so the conventions take on special significance. All of these conventions have impressive security. The cartoonists have renewed esprit de corps as we struggle to come to grips with our new environment.

This is a tough world for editorial cartoonists, but at least we have Donald Trump to kick around, and that makes my world look bright.

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Africa Dumping Refugees on Europe

I spent some extra time on this cartoon which was more complicated to draw than usual. I always complain about the cartoon ideas that enthusiastic readers suggest I draw because the readers think in words rather than images, and I get pitches like, “have one army on the left clashing with another army coming in from the right while the sky is filled with helicopters.” I’m much too lazy for that.

So, here I’m drawing a crowd of refugees crashing down on, and running through Europe. I’m too lazy for that, but, well … at least the sky isn’t filled with helicopters.

I laid it out in pencil first …


And here’s a close-up view of the little refugees …


This is much bigger than my actual drawing and it looks pretty messy when it is blown up – rather disturbing – makes me want to go back in and clean it up a bit. I have to be realistic here; like the European Union, there’s a limit to how much of my resources I can free up for refugees.