Good News on Atena Farghadani

I got this great news this morning from my Iranian cartoonist buddy, Nik Kowsar and CRNI. From Nik:

Had a short chat with Mohammad Moghimi, Atena’s lawyer a few minutes ago.

He confirmed that the Appeals’ Court No.54 of the Province of Tehran’s Judiciary has reduced Atena’s sentence from 12 years and 9 months, to 18 months.

By his calculation, she should be free in 2-3 weeks.

She has been acquitted from charges of undermining national security, and her 3 year imprisonment for insulting the supreme leader has been suspended for 4 years.

The 9 month sentence of insulting the president, members of parliament and the guards of ward 2-A of Evin prison has changed to a monetary fine (not mentioned yet).

The 18 months prison for propaganda against the regime has been confirmed by the Appeal’s Court.

I have not been able to talk to Atena’s father yet, but I thanked the lawyer on CRNI’s behalf for his great work and devotion.

I think this is extremely important and I hope we could see Atena start a new and successful life.

Thanks again for all your support.

The news is public and feel free to use the information shared here for your respectable outlets.

Atena was thrown in prison for posting this cartoon of Iranian legislators on her Facebook page. She drew the cartoon in response to new laws that made birth control and divorces more difficult to obtain in Iran.

By Daryl Cagle

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