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Republican Healthcare Poop

Today we saw the TrumpCare/RyanCare Repeal and Replace bill go down in flames – or poop. Here’s my cartoon.

This is based on a cartoon I drew in 2009 when President Obama and the Democrats were pushing Obamacare through Congress.

Want to see me draw this one in real time? Check out the video below …

And here’s the video of me coloring the cartoon in Adobe Photoshop on my Wacom Cintiq …

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Republican Nooses

The Republicans infighting in congress is pretty crazy – enough for another noose cartoon. 

I seem to draw a lot of nooses. I draw lots of wordless cartoons and a noose is a good, simple, graphic threat. Here are the Republicans with a caduceus noose, from when they were trying to stop the government over and over, to protest Obamacare.

And here’s a more recent Trump tongue noose, when everyone, including me, thought that Donald Trumps provocative statements would knock him out of the presidential race – I was wrong; I guess I was playing too loose with that noose.

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Grouchy, Dependent Tennessee

This cartoon about grouchy, California-bashing, government-dependent Tennessee conservatives marks the end of my Summer stint as a local cartoonist for the alternative-weekly Nashville Scene newspaper. I’m back to drawing national/world cartoons again. Thanks to my local fans in this little blue spot in very red Tennessee!


Hillary E mail Scandal Tempest in a Teapot

Hillary E mail Scandal Tempest in a Teapot © Daryl Cagle,,Hillary Clinton,tea party,tea,tea pot,elephant,republican,democrat,presidential candidate,email,e-mail,scandal,gasoline


Eric Cantor and the Tea Party

149656 600 Eric Cantor and the Tea Party cartoons

GOP Tea Head

139265 600 GOP Tea Head cartoons


Epic Dysfunction in Congress, Obamacare and Ted Cruz as a Monkey Throwing his Poo

Here is my last week of cartoons.  Today I’m headed out for the editorial cartooning convention in St. Just, France, with my brilliant cartoonist buddies, Steve Sack, Bob Englehart and Pat Bagley.

Here’s my most recent cartoon, with the GOP all tied up in a knot.  They seem to be pretty dysfunctional right now, gumming up the government for everybody.  (I was just drawing the heels of his shoes with the old fashioned nails and gripper on the back, I wasn’t think of his heels having happy faces.  I guess I have to think of everything.)

600 GOPknot300dpiCMYK9 Epic Dysfunction in Congress, Obamacare and Ted Cruz as a Monkey Throwing his Poo cartoons


I did a second GOP knot cartoon this week, which makes the point more about the split in the Republican party.

600 ElephantKnot300dpiCMYK Epic Dysfunction in Congress, Obamacare and Ted Cruz as a Monkey Throwing his Poo cartoons


I’m trying to do more texture in my cartoons.  I’ve been asked why I do the yellow backgrounds so often in my cartoons.  I like the yellow because it is intense and light so that it doesn’t draw away from the line art.

I drew a THIRD Republican knot cartoon this week.  This is my knotty Republican week.  Here is the GOP hanging himself on the medical Caduseus (Obamacare).

1790B GOPCadeuseus300dpiCMY Epic Dysfunction in Congress, Obamacare and Ted Cruz as a Monkey Throwing his Poo cartoons

Enough of knots. When Ted Cruz was doing his useless filibuster, reading from Dr. Seuss, and the other cartoonists were all making Dr. Seuss metaphors, I was rather more annoyed with Cruz, so I drew him as a monkey throwing his poop.

600 CruzMonkey300dpiCMYK Epic Dysfunction in Congress, Obamacare and Ted Cruz as a Monkey Throwing his Poo cartoons

I know that there won’t be many newspapers that will print this (if any will at all).  I guess that is one of the perks of being my own editor – I can draw whatever I want even if nobody wants to see it.  This cartoon is actually a homage to the great, British cartoonist Steve Bell, who drew a famous image of George W. Bush in a similar pose.  I’m a big Steve Bell fan.

The last one for the week is this Republican suicide bomber cartoon.  I’m leaving for the convention in France at a difficult time, with all the wonderful, crazy politics going on now.  I won’t be drawing new cartoons for a week or so, but when I come back I expect to have some pent up angst, ready for the drawing board.

600 GovtBomb300dpiCMYK Epic Dysfunction in Congress, Obamacare and Ted Cruz as a Monkey Throwing his Poo cartoons

Knotty Republicans

137772 600 Knotty Republicans cartoons

Government Failed Him

136572 600 Government Failed Him cartoons


Cartoonists Love The Titanic

“Titanic” has burst back into movie theaters sporting an $18 million dollar 3-D makeover. James Cameron, fresh from raking mud off the floor of the ocean, hopes to garner some greenbacks by tailing the re-release on the back of the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic in 1912.

Cartoonists are all about visual metaphors, and we love a good ship-sinking cartoon (with apologies to Costa Concordia captain Francesco Schettino). I dug through our archives and found these Titanic-themed cartoons that I’m excited to “re-release” to an entirely new audience. And it didn’t even cost me a dime…

Tom Janssen / (click to view more cartoons by Janssen)
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Best Cartoons of the Week

David Fitzsimmons / Arizona Daily Star (click to start slideshow)

Every Friday, we collect the best political cartoons of the week and stuff them into one big, glorious slideshow.

The big news this week was the fact we’re finally pulling our of Iraq, but the resurgence of the “flat tax” and crackdowns on Occupy Wall Street protesters also sprinkled into the news cycle. GOP Presidential hi-jinks are always welcome news to cartoonists as well.

Catch up on it all by checking out our Week in Political Cartoons slideshow.


Class Warfare Cartoons

Today, President Obama proposed $1.5 trillion in new taxes aimed primarily at the wealthy as part of a deficit reduction plan. Predictibly, politicians on the right have labeled this “class warfare” and claim Obama wants to “punish success.”

What do cartoonists think about all this class warfare stuff? Check out our Class Warfare cartoon slideshow to find out.

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