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New Year Trump and Little Kim

As the years pass, some things stay the same.

Presidents come and go, but North Korea remains a pain in the butt. Things don’t change much. Here’s a New Year’s cartoon I drew three years ago with Obama and Li’l Kim.

I don’t think we’ll see a change in North Korea, but hopefully we’ll see a new president getting bitten in the butt in another three years.

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Double Eagle

Yesterday I drew two cartoons with eagles. The first one is in response to the news of additional economic sanctions against North Korea, including banking restrictions that should put a crimp in the wallets of North Korea’s elites.

The next one is a Mexican eagle cartoon (the eagle and snake characters on the Mexican flag). Next to a weeping Statue of Liberty, weeping eagles are an editorial cartooning standard – so much so that we should probably avoid these cartoons, but when the times call for weeping eagle it is hard to say “no.”

About a month ago I vacationed in Mexico City with my family, staying in an Airbnb apartment in the La Condesa neighborhood which was one of the hardest hit in the earthquake. The scenes on TV look terribly familiar. It is a lovely neighborhood and the neighbors were all very nice; I’m not surprised to see the residents all pulling together in these difficult days. Such a horror.

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Trump and L’il Kim Again

Last week I drew this cartoon with Trump and L’il Kim mushroom cloud hair. Sometimes I travel around and give a Powerpoint presentation about editorial cartooning and I show a dozen or two cartoons of L’il Kim’s dad, Il, with mushroom cloud hair. I’ve seen a few L’il Kim mushroom cloud hair cartoons, but his Dad, Il, is the king of cartoon mushroom cloud hair.

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Kick Me!

Trump, Li’l Kim, Xi and Putin are a funny ensemble. One problem with editorial cartooning is that we can only draw characters that readers already know from the news, and if the cartoonist isn’t a sissy, he or she won’t label the characters but really try to draw caricatures. As the world goes down the tubes we have more characters and more opportunities to eschew labels. Life is good.

This cartoon is based on an oldie I drew about nine years ago, featuring Li’l Kim’s daddy, Li’l Kim Jong Il.

Sorry that I haven’t been drawing or posting much lately. I’ve been holed up in my office doing annual bookkeeping and quarterly artists royalties.  ARRRGH! I have more to do. I’ll try to poke my head out of the muck more often. In the course of all the accounting madness, I neglected to post the grim reaper cartoon below from about three weeks ago when the story of the moment was the GOP’s ugly healthcare bill.

I thought I was being clever at the time – until I saw that dozens of cartoonists were drawing grim reaper cartoons. Great minds think alike.  ARRRGH!

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Defending the Convention Rules

I have to agree with Donald Trump’s criticism of the Republican party rules. It has been interesting to hear the establishment Republican defense, from Paul Ryan, Reince Priebus and other flacks; I think that all of these arguments could just as appropriately come from the mouth of lil Kim Jong Un.

Watch me drawing this one in the video below!

I color the cartoon in Photoshop in the video below …

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Apple vs. the FBI and Third World Despots

The legal battle between the FBI and Apple promises to be epic. I come down on Apple’s side; we’ve seen how important technology is in undermining evil despotic regimes around the world. If courts can force tech companies to become foot soldiers in regime efforts to spy on their populations that will be a loss for freedom around the world.


I drew this one as a live stream. Watch me color it in Photoshop in real time in the YouTube video below (scroll past the timer at the beginning).

Click on the YouTube video below and it should start at 2:48:40 where I start drawing the Apple vs Despots cartoon. This was a long afternoon of work, and I drew the previous cartoon before this one. Sorry for the lack of editing, but hey, you see everything. I have nothing to hide.


New Years BITE

Happy cartoon New Year! I was busily drawing my New Years Day cartoon, with Obama going out and coming in for the year, and with little biting GOP elephants, when the news started blaring about North Korea calling Obama a “monkey.” I am a slave to the news, so I had to do a second version with L’il Kim. Here’s the GOP …

And here is the L’il Kim version …

L’il Kim may be a plague to the world, but he is a gift to cartoonists.

The “Father Time and Baby New Year” thing is standard cartooning fodder. Here’s my New Year cartoon from last year …

Back in December, 2012, all the talk was about the “Fiscal Cliff” budget fight in Congress; it looked like doomsday. I drew this one …

At the end of 2010 the house had fallen under Republican control, and it looked like the GOP was eager to jump into more war – instead, Congress didn’t do much of anything, and Obama got us into more war. Oh well …

At the end of 2008: Obama won the presidency, George W. Bush was out of a job, and my drawings of Obama needed some more time to mature.

As 2005 turned into 2006 George W. Bush’s Republicans had lost the mid-term elections, but Bush was doubling down on the Iraq War anyway. There was lots more war to come.

Back in 2001 all the news was the 9/11 attacks as our troops poured into Afghanistan. The more things change, the more they stay the same.



New Year Obama with North Korea

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Kim Jong Un and his Sony Hackers

The Sony Pictures hacker attack and the cowardly withdrawal of “The Interview” movie has been dominating the cartoons. I drew two!

A universal truth about evil dictators is that they have no sense of humor, so I suggest we mock the despots mercilessly. In fact, mocking mercilessly is really the only tool in my cartoonist tool belt – you know, if all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

My second cartoon was quite popular on Facebook, featuring Kim Jong Un and the entertainment industry chickens. This one reminded me of my old Muppet days drawing Gonzo’s girlfriend, Camilla and all her chicken friends.

Today we got the news that North Korea’s internet service went down. Not much of a surprise – and probaby only a dozen people in North Korea have access to the internet – still interesting. North Korea makes a target of itself, which reminds me of a favorite Kim Jong Un oldie I drew below, which I should take out of mothballs.

And here’s one last Kim Jong Un oldie:

History keeps repeating itself! See more great North Korea cartoons on!


North Korea Response

North Korea Response © Daryl Cagle,,Kim Jong Un,clown,bloody hands,kick me,propeller hat,stupid,Sony Pictures,James Franco,Seth Rogan,The Interview,Media,Hollywood,movie,cyber,hacking,technology,response,internet,hackers,North Korea


Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un

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Superbug, Obama’s Budget Battle and more L’il Kim!

Here is the back story on my last three editorial cartoons!

With Obama’s “middle of the road” budget that was attacked by both sides last week, there have been lots of budget cartoons showing both the left and the right angry at Obama. This is much the same thing, but without picturing the budget, so it might last a little longer.

Notice that in my drawing, Obama is not exactly in the middle … from the reader’s perspective, Obama is a little to the left of the middle -although, from Obama’s perspective, he has moved a bit to his right.

Maybe I’m overthinking this. Here is the rough pencil sketch, on tab sized copier paper in pencil.

MiddleSketch600wide Superbug, Obamas Budget Battle and more Lil Kim! cartoons

Next I drew the finished line art for the cartoon (below), also in pencil, on drafting vellum. This is what most people will see in the newspapers, that still usually print in black and white.

There is something lovely about a black and white editorial cartoon, particularly if it is only line art, without gray tone. I know that people will choose any color over black and white – but I think it is kind of like a classic sail boat vs. a speed/power boat – the sail boat is slow and classy, the power boat is fast, flashy, and people will choose it over the sail boat – still, the sail boat has more class and is nicer to look at.

130233 600 Superbug, Obamas Budget Battle and more Lil Kim! cartoons

Here’s a detail – isn’t the black and white nice? It is saved as 1000 dpi tiff and has a nice pencil line quality, up close.

detail Superbug, Obamas Budget Battle and more Lil Kim! cartoons

Then I add the color, for the image most online visitors see.

130234 600 Superbug, Obamas Budget Battle and more Lil Kim! cartoons

The previous cartoon was another one about L’il Kim. Here’s the black and white – I thought I had to resort to gray to make the multi-panel format work. I like to avoid gray when I can.

130080 600 Superbug, Obamas Budget Battle and more Lil Kim! cartoons

Here’s the color …

130081 600 Superbug, Obamas Budget Battle and more Lil Kim! cartoons

The next cartoon was intended to be an evergreen. There was a big, Sunday section front in my local newspaper Health section about  “superbugs” – antibiotic resistant diseases that are a new plague in hospitals. The newspaper didn’t run one of our nice cartoons or illustrations with the feature article, they had some lousy clip art; and I noticed that we didn’t have good “superbug” art in the database – so this is an attempt to fill the “Superbug” void in the databases. Here is the rough pencil sketch on 11″x17″ paper.

SuperbugSketch600wide Superbug, Obamas Budget Battle and more Lil Kim! cartoons

I know, I know, bacteria don’t look like this kind of bug. Here is the black and white line art.

129945 600 Superbug, Obamas Budget Battle and more Lil Kim! cartoons

And I thought it might need a bit of gray tone – I’m not sure on this one.

129946 600 Superbug, Obamas Budget Battle and more Lil Kim! cartoons

And here is the color, added behind the line art in layers in Photoshop.

129947 600 Superbug, Obamas Budget Battle and more Lil Kim! cartoons

This one was fun to draw. Here is a detail.

BugDetail Superbug, Obamas Budget Battle and more Lil Kim! cartoons