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Jeff Koterba on Editorial Cartooning

Jeff Koterba is one of the most popular CagleCartoonists! Jeff tells us what’s up with him and shares some of his recent favorites.

Jeff Koterba is one of the most popular CagleCartoonists! Jeff tells us what’s up with him and shares some of his recent favorites. See Jeff’s archive on here. – Daryl

When my full-time cartooning job at the local newspaper was eliminated a few months ago, I gave myself exactly one day to grieve. I’d been there for over 30 years and while it broke my heart to lose my job, I knew that better things were ahead. The next day, I decided to learn everything I could about Patreon. And, as it turns out, Patreon is not only a blessing for me as a cartoonist, but it’s giving my readers far more interesting and timely content than ever before.

For those not familiar with Patreon, it’s a fresh take on the traditional concept of artists creating work with the support of patrons.

As much as I love poking fun at politicians, I equally enjoy drawing about the things that impact us all very directly…

It’s no secret that newspapers are hurting. But journalism—and, I would argue, editorial cartoons—are now more essential to our democracy than ever. If you see my cartoons published here on or in other publications around the country, it’s thanks to Cagle and to my supporters on Patreon. It’s because of them that I’m able to create several cartoons each week on the topics that impact us all.

If nothing else, Covid inspires a new way to look at age-old situations like dating …

Also, now that I’m free of my local newspaper’s deadline, I’m able to draw cartoons whenever there is a breaking story, publishing the work immediately. Which means content that’s more timely than ever before for you.

And beyond that, I pull back the curtain on my creative process and invite supporters along the way, as I share sketches-in-progress, not to mention time-lapse videos of my process like this one.

I drew this cartoon as I watched live coverage of what was happening in Washington that day…soon after, I followed up with this cartoon.

Plus, there are lots of other perks. I even host an exclusive monthly Zoom show, “Koterba’s Theory of Creativity,” where I chat with guests about the creative process. In fact, my guest for March will be Rick Kirkman, not only one of my supporters on Patreon, but the artist behind the popular comic strip, “Baby Blues.”

I love connecting with my readers and I’d love for you to stop by my page and check it out!

Democracy’s return to flight .
Mostly, I’m inspired by news events. But sometimes, I’m inspired by what I see around me in my daily life. And when I kept seeing discarded masks, I knew there had to be a cartoon in there somewhere …

Visit Jeff’s page on Patreon.


By Daryl Cagle

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