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Trump as Nixon

Here’s my Trump as Nixon!

I just got back from a National Cartoonists Society/USO trip to Bahrain, drawing for the troops. Next week I’m off to Belgium for the Festival in Virton and an exhibition of my work.  Sorry for all the time away. I’ll draw lots of cartoons in June. Really. And I’ll do another blog post about my Bahrain trip.

Of-course, whenever I’m away there is lots of news and I wish I was here drawing cartoons. Trump firing FBI director Comey was big news everywhere and the obvious cartoon to draw was Trump as Nixon, while the pundits on TV were making references to Trump and Nixon’s famous “Saturday Night Massacre” firing the Watergate Special Prosecutor who was investigating Nixon, along with a couple of Attorney Generals. A combo Trump/Nixon was the obvious cartoon to draw and I expected that a lot of other cartoonists would draw the same thing at the same time. It is fun to draw.

One issue we have with “yahtzees” or cartoonists drawing the same obvious image at the same time, is that the cartoon that is obvious to cartoonists typically isn’t obvious to readers or editors – and it is usually the cartoon that editors really want. There’s an old saying among cartoonists, “If one other guy drew it, you’re a plagiarist, if three other guys drew it, you’re a hack, if five other guys drew it, you’re following a great tradition.”

I sketched this one up on the plane back from Bahrain and expected to see some other Nixon/Trumps when I got back to the USA. I wasn’t disappointed. Still, I’ll bet all of these get a good rate of reprinting. Here is how some of my other favorite cartoonists handled their Trump/Nixons. This first one is by Taylor Jones

Here’s one by Jeff Darcy of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer …

This one is by Trevor Irvin from Florida …

The next one is by Rick McKee of the Augusta Chronicle …

This one is by RJ Matson

This one is by Jeff Koterba of the Omaha World-Herald …

Here’s another from Mark Streeter from the Savannah Morning News …

There are lots more Nixon/Trumps on our site and other editorial cartoon sites. Collect them all!


By Daryl Cagle

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