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The Nastiest Trump Cartoonist

I often get emails from readers who suggest cartoon ideas, and they are typically angry rants with crowd scenes coming from people who can’t visualize how to draw a simple cartoon, something like: “draw the whole world farting on Trump, which knocks him off of a cliff where he will fall and land in a vast sea of thousands of pigs.” I usually respond to say, that’s too nutty, and Im too lazy.” Well, not so for my buddy Marian Kamensky. (I’m thinking of doing a book of the nastiest Trump cartoons. See my new Trump coloring book here:

Here are some more nasty Trump cartoons from Marian. I’m not sure I understand this one …

There have been a whole lot of Trump as caveman cartoons – here’s Marian’s.

There have been lots of Trump as Hitler cartoons. Here’s Marian’s view of Trump as a Nazi election choice.

I’m not sure why Marian sees Trump as a fish, buried in the ocean floor, but … well, OK.

Here’s Marian’s Trump as a pig with a swastika anus. hmmm.

Here’s Marian’s Trump trail to the White House.

Marian on Trump’s statement, later walked back, that women who have illegal abortions should be punished.

The international cartoonists, like Marian, were drawing Trump/Nazi metaphors from the start. There was no ramping up the cartoon criticism.

Marian is not alone in the crazy-nasty Trump cartoon bandwagon. Should I do that “Most Nasty Trump Cartoons” book?

By Daryl Cagle

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