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North Carolina Bathroom Bill Lawsuit

As ugly as the North Carolina Bathroom bill is, I welcome the departure from Trump/Hillary cartoons. I worried a bit that showing the Statue of Liberty’s butt would be too rude for editors to stomach, but there is something about her being entirely green that seems to make her statuesque butt not seem to stand out as quite so rude. I know editors don’t like bare butts, and cartoons with butts don’t get printed much – still, as a cartoonist it is my responsibility to draw bare butts when the news compels me to do so. Here’s today’s cartoon …

You can watch me draw this one in real time in the video below. There were thunderstorms in Nashville that played havoc with my Twitch feed, so I wasn’t getting many comments from fans and I didn’t have much to say. Perhaps this is a good one to watch at double speed with no sound.

The next YouTube video shows me coloring the cartoon in Photoshop …

By Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle is the publisher of and owner of Cagle Cartoons, Inc, which which is a major distributor of editorial cartoons and columns to newspapers and digital publishers. See Daryl's blog at:, see his site at: get permission to reprint his cartoons at:

10 replies on “North Carolina Bathroom Bill Lawsuit”

"As UGLY as the North Carolina Bathroom Bill is…" Excuse me?? Unless I'm interpreting your comment the wrong way, how can HB2 be UGLY in regards to parents and grandparents wanting to protect their children and grandchildren from being assaulted by perverts, pedophiles and predators in a public place where privacy is expected? BTW Daryl: Are you married? Do you have children? Are you a homosexual, Liberal-Left Wing Progressive Democrat, pro-kakistocracy, etc, etc, etc? If you answer those questions, I can better understand your cartoons. Otherwise, please remove me from the subscriber list. Thanks.

You tell him fearless! We finally see a governor with the intestinal fortitude that most politicians lack. Common sense needs to return to this country but seems like the ones with that quality are the ones being lambasted by the biggest mouths. The people elect their representatives- let their representatives speak for the people …Gov McCrory has spoken.

Daryl, I would not worry too much about the reaction of the Statue of Liberty, after all, she is French and sophisticated about such things. Besides, she would not care much for the Governor of North Carolina, or Mr. Trump for that matter. Perhaps, after this year, we will have fewer Republican governors to worry about. Incidentally, I also thought that Kasich might not make a bad choice for Hillary. However, the Democrats do have some reasonable choices available.

So NC is so deeply committed to the welfare of their children that they will sacrifice billions of educational funding in a state that is already ranking near the bottom in national academic standing. Such misleading hypocrisy. Just the creation of another fictitious wedge issue to create furor where there is no issue and a failure to address the real issues that challenge our children's safety and well-being.
I won't honor that last query of ol' fearless with further comment.

One does wonder whether or not there would be less rape (very common in the United States) if we were more like the Japanese? They have had co-ed family bathing for many, many generations? Does anyone have any statistics on this??? Perhaps co-ed locker rooms and latrines (without stalls) would be the way to go?? Just thinking outside of our cultural box……Perhaps some nudist would like to comment?

When someone's daughter, granddaughter, wife or mother is assaulted (and anyone who thinks it will not happen has been drinking way too much kool-ade) in one of these trans gender rest rooms, locker rooms or showers, will Mr. Cagle and Mr. Obama just write it off as a cost of progress, or will they stand up and admit to abating and encouraging the crime?

I loved your cartoon, so don't worry about showing the Statue of Liberty's butt. Plus it is so apropos.

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