Cartoons About Romney's 47% Flub

Mitt Romney is getting slammed by our cartoonists over a video released yesterday where the Republican Presidential nominee tells fundraisers that he thinks 47 percent of Americans are “dependent” on the government, and will automatically vote for President Obama because of the government benefits they receive.

Pat Bagley of the Salt Lake Tribune evokes the etch-a-sketch in his cartoon about Romney’s flubs…

Rob Tornoe shows how Romney can do no wrong on Fox News, no matter what he says…

The Hill’s Chris Weyant sums up the only message Romney seems to be able to stick to…

Dave Granlund see’s the Romney campaign as just one pothole after another…

Tim Eagan goes a bit existential with his cartoon about Romney’s continued pandering…

By Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle is the publisher of and owner of Cagle Cartoons, Inc, which which is a major distributor of editorial cartoons and columns to newspapers and digital publishers. See Daryl's blog at:, see his site at: get permission to reprint his cartoons at:

8 replies on “Cartoons About Romney's 47% Flub”

Bigsurmom. maybe not. We have a month and a half left for Romney to top this.

My initial reaction was to make use of my two purple hearts and a bayonnet. The idea was to do an operation on Romney (a la Ghadaffi) and place the medals up where the sun does not shine. That a sniveling draft dodger (he hid in Europe to avoid service in Vietnam) labels 47% of Americans as worthless government trough feeders was a bit too much.

well that is america for you as well as western democracy where party idiots instead of men of substance from the public are elected based on their debating power or lung power.
Democracy has lots of flaws but people say it works. However American dermocracy has deteriorated into a sham by being too dependent on 2 parties which have both managed to get stupid idiots into the slot based on a misconceived and witless system of making bland statements appealing to a larger section of people who too are equally clueless.
. this kind of democracy or method of choosing a leader is no more working in today's complicated world and something drastic has to happen to change this state of affairs otherwise USA is doomed to have one idiot after another running this great country.

The occupy wall street may have failed to take off like any first time experiment but only a grass roots revolution will set matters right –though unforunately it will result in things getting rather wild as commonly happens in a revolution- ( anybody remember the french / russian / chinese revolution?? and its accompanying chaos and bloodshed.
The OCCUPY movement failed because the law is strong in a civilised society and maybe society's emotions have not reached a boiling point, when it does (hopefully under the guidance of sane elements)-there will be some real change .

Maybe several more such agitations may create a momentum to sustain a revolution in America so that either the accumulated wrongs of the society ( the rich poor divide for instance) or at least somebody worthwhile will emerge who is better suited to govern than these fanciful juvenile public debaters who talk all manner of crap but fail to keep their promise of good governance.

Sorry forgot to mention that i belong to the worlds largest democracy which is several notches crappier than usa's democracy. our leaders are eminently qualified to be straightaway shoved into a burning furnace and a revolution is needed here also

Poor Romney…. he doesnt bleed blue or red, just green! We had a Texas oilman for 8 years that set um up, now they're looking for a corporate bigwig (that took the golden parachute leap like his fellow wall street cronies) to knock em down…… WOW !!!

Enuf of this Gaff crap, this guy was telling you all along what he is about, just so happens that he did it UNKNOWINGLY on film… of course he said it was "off the cuff and if given the chance he would say it differently"??!! of course he would… if given the chance HE WOULDNT SAY IT AT ALL !!!

I feel your pain. It is unfortunate that Gandhi seems to be largely forgotten in the land of his birth. In the USA we largely ignore Eisenhower so we need to be careful about throwing rocks through other folks windows. To be fair, I think that India has a harder road to travel though.

Where are the conservative voices in this discussion? I excepted to see them here defending Romney's brand of class warfare.

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