Trayvon Martin Cartoons

Outrage over the Trayvon Martin shooting is spreading as marchers took to the streets in New York City and Miami demanding the arrest of the shooter, neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman. Three weeks ago, the unarmed Martin was shot in a gated subdivision outside of Orlando by Zimmerman, who claimed self-defense under the “Stand Your Ground” law, which expands the right to claim self-defense beyond the home in Florida…

Jeff Parker / Florida Today (click to view more cartoons by Parker)

Our own Jeff Parker, the staff cartoonist for Florida Today, drew the cartoon above about the shooting and wrote on his blog:

“Armed with Florida’s flawed “stand your ground” laws, Zimmerman remains free as police, and now the feds, sift the facts concerning the killing of a “suspicious” teen armed only with iced tea and Skittles.”

Here are some of the cartoons that have come in about this tragic event…

Bill Day / Cagle Cartoons (click to view more cartoons by Day)
Jimmy Margulies / The Record (click to view more cartoons by Margulies)
Randall Enos / Cagle Cartoons (click to view more cartoons by Enos)
Dave Granlund / (click to view more cartoons by Granlund)

By Daryl Cagle

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Right to carry shootings have far fewer negative legal reviews than shootings involving the police. In this case the man may have used poor judgement, but that is up to a legal review to decide – not the media or the protestors. If he acted illegally he should be prosecuted, but as in other situations any misdeeds are the fault of the person, not the legislation.

Guns kill people and George Washington chopped down a cherry tree. Nope. Neither.
People today, yesterday and tomorrow will kill other people using their weapon of choice. Been that way since Cain slew Abel or, for atheists, since thousands of years B.C., like Egyptians invading Palestine as reprisal for attacks on trade caravans. So…what's the answer? Ban anything that goes BOOM! or BANG! Won't do any good, but the world wouldn't be as noisy.

Absolutely on the money here. The shooter will have to face a coroners inquest, the city, county, and state district attorney's will all have a shot at him and if those don't prosecute him he'll have to go past the Feds who can look for "hate crime" or disregard of the victims civil rights.
Then the family will have a chance in civil court on wrongful death. Between all these possible scenarios I'm sure this man will stop carrying in public with such poor judgement and self control.
I have a CC license and only would carry in the "most dangerous" situations which I have found no need to this date. The burden of proof is on the person with the gun or ?? and time will show that this person will most likely be found guilty of something before all is said and done.
Let the courts and law determine what happened and not rash emotional feelings over what the press puts out to sell more copies of their rags.

will never understand the usa lust affair with firearms.

also, cars aren't weapons, even when they're used as weapons. weapons are weapons. please stop trying to equate automobile deaths with firearms deaths. credibility goes away as soon as you make that comparison.

Study just published (news articles out today) concludes that a person holding a gun (even a toy gun) is far more likely than a person holding, say, a ball, to suspect someone else is hiding a gun. So the fact is that restricting who gets to own (or hold) a gun will influence how often a situation is perceived as "dangerous," and in need of a firearm to make it "safe." Arguments about Florida's "Stand your ground" law are legitimate, as it is a noxious concept to allow people to shoot first and ask questions later, wherever they are. However, based on news reports, even that law should not hinder prosecution – the law allows shooting if it is a "reasonably necessary" response to threat. Pretty clearly, the mental midget with the gun mis-read the situation, provoked the confrontation, and then shot to defend himself from, uh, Skittles. That is not "reasonably necessary," and even under the stupid Florida law he should be charged with homicide. The fact that the Florida prosecutors have dithered this long about charging him suggests that they are not all that interested in enforcing limitations on the law.

Do away with the "Stand your ground law" in Florida and replace it with everyone must carry a gun law thats not concealed like the old Wild West Days that would make the sponsors(arms producers) of the NRA happy

This guy was not the sharpest cookie in the bunch, and I could draw all sorts of conclusions, but ultimately, unless a weapon is found on the victim, drugs in his system or some other reason to consider him a "threat" then his defense is invalid.

From several media reports, he reported the guy to 911 as neighborhood watch should, and they instructed him to go to a safe place and the police will confront the suspect, he said he was going to follow him, they said "Do not" he choose to follow, chase, and ultimately confront someone while armed.

Unless they can prove that the victim was a threat (Which at this point, would pretty much require a large visible weapon) the only aggressor is the very person trying to claim self defense.

Yes, there is a right to carry arms and I'm all for that
Yes, there is a implied right to self defense and I'm all for that.

But there's also a right to walk down a street without fear of being killed by some random person simply because he "felt threatened"

If one person needs a gun then every single citizen should own one and the government needs to mandate this…see that everyone has a gun and is trained to use it. This should not be a "for profit" situation but the one area where everybody is treated equal. A person shouldn't have an advantage because their parents are richer and can afford a more expensive, powerful weapon. I think everyone in the country should own a automatic and a couple of hand grenades (and maybe some dynamite…dynamite doesn't kill people…people with dynamite kill people) for their protectiuon…or maybe we could all use paint balls to keep from accidently killing our loved ones!
We don't have to worry about aliens landing on this planet…after reading these comments they will be convinced we are all retarded!
We need to go back to the days of Tombstone and Deadwood!
What a bunch of ======idiots!

Maybe I can run for mpresident of the NDA National Dynamite Assoc…then they would have ti rip the dynamite from my cold, dead hands…and of courese I would train my children how to use it safely…yuep, I'm a fellow retard!!!

as in most ga. counties. ever see the size of the dooly co. cops?. they don't need guns.

sure. you see a threat,have him hold still long enough to give him a drug test, then………
only being funny. good post, old man.

are you all out of your minds?! The facts were not divulged. The truth is unknown! It happened one month before all this racist crap. Don't you think the police investigated this? Now, witnesses have come forth telling a different story after all this media hype. Be calm. The truth will be known.

Switzerland has a law that ever male adult is provided a rifle and trained how to use it. There is mandatory service of two years in a reserve capacity. The crime rate is one of the lowest in Europe as well as unemployment rate. Having a rifle in your home decreases the home invasion possibility.

Trail by media and, in particular, the oversimplification of a complex issue by political cartoonists (a.k.a.:paid propagandists) do little to resolve the matter at hand. A law, generated by the will of the people in order to support the right to self defense, is under attack. It is the specific act of one man against one kid that should be addressed and not the law or the gun or the right not to be a victim. This matter is a set piece of misfortune; a kid in the dark of night raising the suspicions of an enthusiastic protector-wanna-be who ignored police instructions to end pursuit and a specious claim of being threatened all coinciding to destroy more than two lives. Yes, it sells newspapers and media time but it needs to be addressed in a formal court of law after a complete and competent investigation. Those conditions are getting quite clouded with emotion and stereotyping.

this the biggest piece of horshit liberalism I have ever seen,,go send two black kids to light a white teenager on fire while screming "this is what you get WHITE BOY"" fkng hypocrits,, every black thug a victim. Or is that White/black thug,,???

how do you compare skittles to a broken nose fktard? sorry that just slipped out, right next to the 8th grade pic they keep showing you sheep,,,

works for me,,,,let me [as a criminal Justice Major fill you in] look up rape stats in Miami 3 months after passing ccw permits to women in the '70's,, see, you actually have to do a thing called research and then follow with a thing called citations before you look stupid,,it's easy,,just look up rape stats in Miami before and after ccw laws were passed,,you will find and,,get this, a 73% drop in rape crimes,,, go back and get a ged and then ,,if you can pass your ged,,go on to college and actually learn how to address the public with real information,

Agreed. Although I am rather curious where you think the most dangerous situation would be? McD's,driving down the road, home invasion,,??

that man rong for that he should have listen to the police they need to take him to jail

You fabricated the quotes from the black kids. The police determined it was not a hate crime, as the black kids had many white friends. The white kid was not seriously hurt; the black kids were caught and punished.

This case has nothing to do with the Trayvon slaying. You racism is glaring. I can get this kind of commentary on the neo-Nazi websites.

Not to mention the logical fallacy of arguing by obscene name-calling (horshit(sic) liberalism and thug),

NBC editing that 911 call? Somebody from that hack "news" organization ought to be arrested.

Red China, Hitler Germany and USSR all took guns away from the citizenry. It's not a lust, it's guarding against something our founders saw as the beginning of the end.

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