Top Five Most Popular Steve Jobs Cartoons

We’ve had a lot of Steve Jobs obituary cartoons come in. According to our analytics, here are the five most popular.

We’ve had a lot of Steve Jobs obituary cartoons come in. And I mean a lot (view them all here). Obituary cartoons frustrate political cartoonists – most hate to draw them, but readers love them. With a public figure so important to modern culture and universally liked and admired, it’s almost obligatory that a cartoonist notes his passing.

It’s interesting to track our analytics and see which cartoons are getting shared more, and which ones are the most popular. According to our numbers, here are the five most popular Steve Jobs cartoons from the last couple of days.


1. Joe Heller, Green Bay Press-Gazette

2. Randy Bish, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

3. Adam Zyglis, Buffalo News

4. Paul Zanetti, Australia

5. Martin Sutovec, Slovakia

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By Daryl Cagle

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