Liberal Bias on Air Controller Cartoon?

Jeff Darcy / Cleveland Plain Dealer

Last week, an air traffic controller fell asleep in the middle of the night at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, forcing two airplanes to land without any guidance from the tower.

Jeff Darcy, the staff cartoonist for the Cleveland Plain Dealer (click to view more of his cartoons), choose to highlight the ghost of Ronald Reagan, who fired more than 11,000 air traffic controllers back in 1981 when they ignored his order to return to work.

“You liberals just can’t let it go, can you? Even after 30 years,” wrote a reader about Darcy’s cartoon. “When you put your own want and greed before public safety, you get what you deserve. The air traffic controllers had it coming then, as do the public-sector unions today. They’re nothing but greedy bullies.”

What do you think: is Darcy’s cartoon fair or foul?

By Daryl Cagle

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