From My Anti-Socialist Mail-Bag

Added 9/10/09: Here’s an interesting column about my Obama school speech cartoon (the cartoon is below) from a newspaper editor, responding to some very vocal complaints from readers who misunderstood the cartoon.

Sent: Tuesday, September 08, 2009 4:39 PM
Subject: Cartoon question

Dear Daryl,

I just got a surprise phone call from a reader who was mad at me because he thought your cartoon of little Jeffy was intended as an insult to the president. I told him that’s not the way I took the cartoon, and that I thought it skewered those who thought Obama’s speech would “indoctrinate” youngsters and turn them instantly into Communists. Our reader didn’t sound very convinced.

I know cartoonists don’t like to explain their work, but did I interpret your cartoon as you intended?

Thanks for the help,

Rowe Ray
Managing Editor – San Marcos Daily Record

On Sep 8, 2009, at 6:12 PM, Daryl Cagle wrote:

Hi Ray,

I’m being sarcastic. I think the conservative complaints and fears about Obama’s speech were silly, so I drew it up to look silly.  I did, however, label the cartoon as “conservative” on our download site, because I knew some conservatives editors would take it literally, and that amused me.

Satire is often lost on readers; sometimes it is a cultural thing. I recently gave a speech in Tokyo where the interpreter explained all of my cartoons to the audience who didn’t understand or appreciate our concept of sarcasm. I guess that explains why we rarely see political cartoons in Japan.

There will always be readers who don’t “get it” –better to keep drawing for the ones who do “get it.”

All the best,

From: Sally
Sent: Tuesday, September 08, 2009 11:10 AM
Subject: Jeffy cartoon

I found the cartoon very offensive.  Yes, I do realize you were trying to be sarcastic.  However, this ran in our local paper before the speech was given.  I believe that many of the “extremists” who are not going to listen to the school speech will actually believe this is what the speech is about, and then go spread even more of their lies.  As I told the Editor and Publisher of our local paper, if it has run AFTER the speech, it would be quite obvious to all that you were just being offensively sarcastic.

I wonder how Ed, Chris Matthews, Olberman and the other news people on MSNBC feel about this.

Sally Sarina

Jeff Keane left this comment about the cartoon on my Facebook Page:

That cartoon does confuse me… I don’t know whether I am supposed to be going left or right… so I just have to keep running around in circles…

By Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle is the founder and owner of Cagle Cartoons, Inc. He is one of the most widely published editorial cartoonists and is also the editor of The Cagle Post.

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Tacky, tacky, tacky…..tsk. Now I'll have to unfollow ya. Not funny; plays into the loony fringe and tells me You are a part of 'em. Scary who has a "voice" around here…..

Gotta go… some "un-following" to do!

Satire is always a risk in cartoons, and even more so in articles, even if the pieces are labeled "opinion." The American public is so semi-literate that most of them probably never studied satire in their high-school English classes, or didn't understand what they were taught. I liked the cartoon! I wonder how many of your readers recorgnized Che Guevara.

Last time I checked, you had the right to say anything you wanted. But – in contrast to the opinions some of your more vocal detractors — you might have missed an opportunity to show little Jeffy burning the constitution in this cartoon.

Being French I see all the americans hermetic to sarcasm and second degree humour. Like the Japanese, everything need to be explained.

Wow… that seemed to be slap-in-the-face sarcasm. People didn't get that? I agree with beachcomberT, our populace must be semi-literate. I think that goes for GOP members of congress as well.

Daryl, thanks for making fun of the loonies, and for calling them out on this speech business. You're not responsible for those who don't have enough gray matter to get your sarcasm. Your job is (in my opinion) to make us see (those who CAN see) our foibles and challenge our assumptions while we have a chance to catch ourselves, correct our fuzzy "reasoning" and make reasonable conclusions and choices.

This has got to be the funniest political cartoon that I have ever seen – I'm still laughing! No, I did not listen to the speech – in fact I change the channel whenever Obama is on TV. I do not believe 90% of what he says, so I don't want to waste my valuable time. However, I feel that your cartoon captures the essence of Obama. But, remember, art is in the eye of the beholder. Although I have a Ph. D. in electrical engineering and have written five successful books on the subject, I am very stupid. Specifically, I am one of those right-wing, red neck extremist racists who hates black people – and half-black people, as well. Furthermore, I am in the Mob, and on weekends I put on my brown shirt and try to go hunting with my shotgun for minorities of all races, colors, and creeds regardless of national origin. I can't wait until Sarah Palin becomes President of the United States and kills everyone we don't like! Have a nice day!!

The only people that disparage Marxism are those that have never read one word of Marx. Das Kapital is almost prophetic in its critiques of the capitalist model. Marx's evaluation of capitalism continues to be just as true as when he wrote them.

I loved it! I especially find it amusing when, in this case the left wing radicals cannot watch a cartoon without threatening to take their ball and go home mad…..

Another amazing thing I observe is the pathetic people who write to these forums crying about how capitalism is bad-bad-bad.These are people who not only have NOTHING, they will always have NOTHING. The reason for this is pretty fundamental….rather than go out and work to achieve something in their pathetic life, they would rather chase and dream about a failed and doomed philosophy in which it allows their chosen lifestyle of sitting on their fannies screaming how "smart" THEY are, all while they are coveting all the money and property of the folks who risked and worked hard. They will never realize how hard the winners of our capitalist society had to work nor the risks they had to take. That doesn't matter…In their pathetic mind, Marxism allows them to criticize the folks who have assets.It masks their real feeling of being a quitter and a loser. I find it funny that it is ALWAYS the deadbeat who never tried to own a business or tried something that with hard work, will position them to make more. Yup, the guys who did sacrifice NEVER are in favor of Marxism. Any pro-socialism/Marxism post is from the BOTTOM
5%….and you have to really consider the source…..

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