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I got the interesting note below from my buddy, Danish cartoonist Werner Wejp Olsen.  See our Lockerbee Bomber Freed cartoons here.

Hi Daryl:

I wonder if this story may be relevant/suitable for your newsletter:

I have a rather strange and macabre story to tell in connection with the release of the terrorist responsible for the Pan Am Flight 103’s crash at Lockerbie in Scotland on December 21, 1988.

At that time I was still living in Denmark, my home country. My comic strip “The Tales of Hans Christian Andersen” was syndicated in 30-40 US and Canadian papers by Asterix Features. Once a week I mailed my strips by Special Mail to American Color in Buffalo. And so I did on December 21.

A few weeks after Christmas I got a call from Tim Rosenthal at American Color. They were missing my package. I checked with Special Mail and they could only track my letter to London. After that they lost track of it. Apparently it had disappeared into thin air.

Six months later I got a letter from the FBI. The content was the package I had mailed on December 21. FBI had found it in he wreckage of Pan Am Flight 103. It was intact but for few smoke-colored spots here and there.

The package is still in my files reminding me that even though most of us normally find ourselves far, far away from major world events, we are often closer than we wish for.


That’s one of Werner’s cartoons below.  See more of Werner’s cartoons.

By Daryl Cagle

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