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Too Close to Call!

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This morning the election is undecided, with President Trump claiming victory and the Biden campaign confident of victory. The lawsuits are starting and the cartoonists are drawing!  Here are the first cartoons about our election purgatory. I expect lots of great cartoons to keep coming in – keep your eyes on!

Martin “Shooty” Sutovec


John Darkow


Pat Bagley


Bob Englehart


John Cole


Adam Zyglis


Jeff Koterba


Joe Heller

Blog Newsletter Syndicate

Trump Chokes the Post Office

President Trump has declared war on mail-in voting, a process that is safe regarding the coronavirus, but not so safe for the fortunes of Republicans who don’t fare so well when the process of voting is made easier for voters. Trump also doesn’t like the Washington Post, and by extension, the Post’s owner Jeff Bezos, who runs, which uses the Post Office a lot. Trump appears to be tearing down the Post Office so that it would lose the public’s confidence to process mail-in votes.

People ask me to show my messy sketches, so here you go. I printed out the USPS logo and taped it into place.

Here are my favorite, recent Post Office cartoons by the CagleCartoonists!

Adam Zyglis

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Dave Granlund

Kevin Siers

John Darkow

Steve Sack

Bruce Plante

Randall Enos

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