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Get Rid of the Pollsters

What is it about pollsters and how wrong they get everything? This presidential election wasn’t supposed to be close. Democrats were supposed to have a shot at winning the Senate and picking up seats in the House. The pollsters are wrong more than they are right. Lets give pollsters the boot.

Here’s my rough sketch …

Here’s a detail …

Stinking, idiot pollsters!

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Too Close to Call!

Our reader supported site,, needs your support!  America needs editorial cartoonists now more than ever!  Please consider supporting and visit  Our newspaper clients are in general decline and are crashing with the pandemic. Cartoonists need you now more than ever!

This morning the election is undecided, with President Trump claiming victory and the Biden campaign confident of victory. The lawsuits are starting and the cartoonists are drawing!  Here are the first cartoons about our election purgatory. I expect lots of great cartoons to keep coming in – keep your eyes on!

Martin “Shooty” Sutovec


John Darkow


Pat Bagley


Bob Englehart


John Cole


Adam Zyglis


Jeff Koterba


Joe Heller


Popular Support for War

153643 600 Popular Support for War cartoons

Relative Popularity of Republicans

138720 600 Relative Popularity of Republicans cartoons


Fox News and Possible Romney Bounce

Fox News and Possible Romney Bounce © Daryl Cagle,,Fox News,Mitt Romney,Barack Obama,cliff,elephant,polls,bounce


Cartoon Collection: Gingrich Soars

Newt Gingrich cartoons
Daryl Cagle / (click to view cartoons)

Newt Gingrich is the latest Republican to become the anti-Romney candidate and surge to lead the GOP presidential field. But Gingrich has lots of baggage – LOTS of baggage – so we’ll see if he can withstand the glare of the spotlight better than his peers have.

What do our cartoonists think of Newt’s rise in the polls? Check out our Gingrich Soars cartoon collection to find out.


Obama Not a Muslim and Fox News

Obama Not a Muslim and Fox News COLOR © Daryl Cagle,,Barack Obama,Islam,Christianity,Christian,Crucifixion,Christ,Roman,Centurian,Elephant,Republican,Fox News,Television,TV,Polls


Obama Shrinks

Obama Shrinks Color © Daryl Cagle,,Barack Obama, Uncle Sam, height, measure, ruler, measure, growing up, grow, shrink, polls, popularity, president, doorway