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Church Superspreaders

Here’s my new one about COVID super spreader churches.

This is a recurring theme, where big, conservative churches that take a Trumpy, casual attitude about the pandemic, insist on holding their indoor, massless, mass events with singing, no distancing, and lots of disease spreading.

This church/hands thing is a kind of standard for editorial cartoonists, like the Hokey Pokey or the theme from Gilligan’s Island, or the Cats Cradle game. Some years ago I drew a similar cartoon about Obamacare’s contraceptive mandate, and I lifted the first panel for the new cartoon. The perspective on the hands in the first panel is odd, because we usually see the other side, with the thumbs as doors, but that is the view of the person who is performing this, and not the observer, and I like flipping it open with the thumbs on the close side. Yes, I think about all this stuff.

The oldie wasn’t a very strong cartoon. The first panel was fine, but I didn’t like the awkward second panel hands – that needed a redo, so I drew my own hands today. (There seems to be some disagreement about whether the “people” should properly be presented upright or upside-down.)

And I drew some coronavirus and assembled this in Photoshop.

That’s your recipe for a church pandemic cartoon.

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The Sky is Falling!

We hear from editors who want more “pro-Trump” cartoons – but editorial cartoons are a negative art form. Cartoons that support anything are lousy cartoons. And there are few conservative cartoonists to begin with. I drew what could be considered a “pro-Trump” cartoon below.

I think this is about as close as we’re going to get to “pro-Trump” cartoons over the next four years – cartoons that bash third parties, like crybaby Democrats or media bashing cartoons like mine.

I drew this one as a live stream on – you can watch in the videos below. The first one shows me doing the rough sketch and final line art …

And the next video shows me coloring the cartoon in Photoshop …