Support for our French Museum Friends

Our friends at the charming, editorial cartoon museum in St Just le Martel, Franceare in the last push of a national competition to host a new, national “House” of Editorial Cartoons – something that doesn’t exist anywhere in the world. They have asked their cartoonist friends to submit cartoons in support of their bid. Here’s mine.
To explain my cartoon, the story goes that God told little St Just to throw his hammer, which landed in a spot that turned into a spring, where water squirted up, and God instructed St Just to build a church for him on that spot, which became the little town of St Just le Martel (St Just the hammer). I know, its complex, but our French friends will get it.

The competition is tough, two spots in Paris, one in Strasbourg and the French National Library also submitted bids – still, St Just should win and I wish them all the luck. Any other cartoonist friends of St Just are encouraged to pitch in with cartoons now (contact the museum). A decision is expected soon.

Here’s a cartoon supporting St Just’s bid from my French cartoonist pal, Pierre Ballouhey – this one needs explaining too. St Just is in cow country, and they use brown cows as their mascot. That’s Pierre getting kissed by the top cow, and that’s the museum at the bottom.

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