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Richard Nixon is great fun to draw.  It would have been wonderful to work as an editorial cartoonist during the Watergate days.  It was an editorial cartooning renaissance.

This week, the pack of cartoonists all ran in the direction of comparing Barack Obama with Richard Nixon because of Obama’s worsening three scandals: the AP records seizure, Benghazi and the IRS.  I draw metamorphosis cartoons every so often, when the news seems to be calling out for them.  Here is the line art for Obama turning into Nixon, which most readers will see in newspapers that print in black and white.

131811 600 Metamorphosis! cartoons

Here’s the color version.

131837 600 Metamorphosis! cartoons

Just after the presidential election, the folks at Fox News were apoplectic about their loss, and ranted that Obama would be free to be the wild, radical leftist they knew he was all along, now that he was freed from the constraints of needing to be re-elected.  So I drew this metamorphosis cartoon.

126129 600 Metamorphosis! cartoons

Back when Apple was rejecting my iPhone app applications, I drew this Apple metamorphosis cartoon …

77897 600 Metamorphosis! cartoons

And I drew this one when Disney bought Marvel Comics.
68520 600 Metamorphosis! cartoons

Cartoonists draw evolution themed cartoons all the time – which are pretty similar to metamorphosis, I guess.  Here is Mitt Romney, and his evolving views about evolution, from back in 2007.

35613 600 Metamorphosis! cartoons

Here’s an evolving Donald Trump from 2011.

91586 600 Metamorphosis! cartoons

And a general evolution of man cartoon …

31958 600 Metamorphosis! cartoons

Cartooning, evolution and metamorphosis! It’s a tradition!  I’m working on another one today.




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Disney + Star Wars Mash-ups!

The obvious cartoon to draw for the Disney and Star Wars is a combination character – something from Star Wars with Mickey ears maybe.  I thought of doing a chorus line of different combo characters, like Disney’s Wuzzles –but I’m too lazy to draw a cartoon that won’t get reprinted much because so many other cartoonists are drawing something similar.  Even so, I’m enjoying the mashups.  My two favorites are from Tim Campbell and Frederick Deligne, below.

121535 600 Disney + Star Wars Mash ups! cartoons

121547 600 Disney + Star Wars Mash ups! cartoons
Those are great, huh?  Here are some other good ones …

121493 600 Disney + Star Wars Mash ups! cartoons
121516 600 Disney + Star Wars Mash ups! cartoons
121507 600 Disney + Star Wars Mash ups! cartoons
Those last three are by Joe Heller, Nate Beeler and Cam Cardow.  Want more?  Here is our big section with all of the Disney/Star Wars cartoons.

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