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AZ Vultures

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On the O’Reilly Factor tonight, host Bill O’Reilly spotlighted this cartoon by Washington Examiner cartoonist Nate Beeler, and asked viewers if they thought it was drawn too soon after the tragedy.

Here’s the clip:

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By Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle is the founder and owner of Cagle Cartoons, Inc. He is one of the most widely published editorial cartoonists and is also the editor of The Cagle Post.

35 replies on “AZ Vultures”

Oh, the lefties will figure out some way to spin this so that the partisans are conservatives and the pundits are conservative talk-show hosts. I think if leftists ever shut up and took responsibility for their actions I'd just faint dead away.

A good cartoon, making the valid point that the partisans immediately jumped to conclusions (wrong ones) as to the affi;aitions of the shooter, who appears to be an anarchist more than anything.

I've seen a lot of Beeler cartoons and I'm always just about evenly split over what I think of them. This one I think is a win. It was mopre than partisans who jumped to conclusions, especially those mainstream news outlets who prematurely declared Rep. Giffords dead last week.

(BTW Anthony – nice 'non-partisan' partisan remark there.)

O'Reilly (pedantic Prince of Pomposity) presumes when he anoints himself to be the one to catergorizes.

I guess the Liberals are ready to call it a day.

I saw three quotes, recently, and one was even attributed to a member of Congress!

Representative Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) complained that "They are reading it (the Constitution) like a sacred text."

I wonder where he lost his way. Perhaps it was somewhere in that oath that he took. Somewhere between "support and defend the Constitution" and "So help me God."

Of lesser import would be someone named Joy Behar (CNN News) who asked her guests, "Do you think this Constitution-loving is getting out of hand?"

I wonder what she means by "out of hand." It's hard to determine how much is too much. I guess we cannot fault her – she is protected by the First Amendment.

Finally, we have a Washington Post staff writer, Ezra Klein, who indicates that "The issue with the Constitution is that the text is confusing because it was written more than a hundred years ago and what people believe it says differs from person to person."

Gee, Ezra, should we re-do it into something more easily texted, twittered or tweeted? I guess he got tangled up on those pesky words of more than one syllable.

I hope they remember that my Flag is out there, somewhere, and treat it with reverence, before they burn it.

The media made a feast of this shooting from the outset.,so let's not try to single out this one man.
As far as the cartoon, it is not the timing ,but the tasteless depiction of the victims that is repugnant

Let's pass on the hypocrisy from the president ,with his sanctiminous insinuations and shameless photo ops,right down to that dipsh*t sherrif getting his pudgy face on our screens,trying to outdo Sherrif Joe,who maintained a dignified silence,and did himself the most good.


Bob O: "Gee, Ezra, should we re-do it into something more easily texted, twittered or tweeted? I guess he got tangled up on those pesky words of more than one syllable." That bit about "a well-regulated militia" seems especially difficult to understand.

I don't get it………why would we categorize him as either a pinhead or a patriot on the basis of this cartoon. It is a depiction of how he viewed the events which transpired. Period. That is, after all, what cartoonists do.

Very good political cartoon – it only takes sides if the reader takes a side and doesn't "read" what is says. Why do you have to say the cartoonist is either?

It hits the nail on the head. Before the smoke cleared, scavengers like KOShole and Krugman were picking at the corpses for political gain. Then scavengers like MediaMorons and Bernie Sanders were picking at what was left for financial gain. Perhaps a better cartoon would have been one of liberals depicted as chimpanzees (not far off) flinging their poo everywhere.

The shootings was vulgar and so is the cartoon. But, it is reality because it did happen. Is the cartoon any worse than the media's constant nonstop broadcasting of the scene, constant interviews of anyone willing to step up to the mike, the mad running around for a scrap of information or a picture to present. No, this isn't any different than that.

Perhaps we should bring the subject back to carrying concealed weapons with really large capacity magazines. The only use I can think of for such items is to kill groups of people. Apparently that is deemed acceptable behavior in Arizona. In Arizona there may be a real need to have a sizeable number of groups of people shot and killed. That is their judgement to make. The citizens of Arizona are entitled to make their own decisions.

for those who view the constitution as a sacred text, which it is not or why would we have so many amendments to it made by our citizens and their representatives , it was written in the english language of the time and so is sometimes difficult for us to know exactly what it says, because we use the language quite differently now. one thing is certain, whether one likes or dislikes the rulings of the supreme court, or of any particular supreme court, their rulings,under the constitution itself, are the substance of what the document means.
for those who do not like any part of it, you have the option of getting your representative to offer another amendment, and should this pass the process, then the meaning of the document is then changed, as is our law, which is based entirely on the document, what it says and what it means.
i am not certain why all this fuss and argument about the meaning of any porftion of it. all we have to do is ask the supreme court.

if mick thought the president of the united states speaking at the memorial service was santimonious, then he really needs to retake english 101. this was the president of 300 milion people speaking as the president and without any political leanings. what mick might think about is 'what would mick have said??' were he to speak to 300 milion diverse citizens at a funeral service.

Wow, more right wing/conservative bile and hatred of the left/liberals shows up every day. Even after this tragic event, and the commentary meant to teach us a lesson about it, they spew their hatred. Cagle and Beeler, you've smoked em out again. They just keep crawling out from under every rock.

Excellent cartoon. As he often does, Beeler's work speaks to the issue without picking sides. O'Reilly would be expected to read into the cartoon that it was the left, because he leans to the right. If Maddow or Olbermann had done it, they would have read it just the opposite. The most pathetic and cold use of the events was neither a Democrat nor a Republican. Bernie Sanders, the Vermont "Independent" [as in ' without alliance, conscience or compassion] whose fund-raising newsletter was sent before the first victim was buried and mentioned the shooting about ten times. Several generations of my family called Vermont home and they would be sickened by this clown's actions unbehalf of their state.

Its absolutely appropriate. Bill you and all the "pundits" and partisans jump on these things with glee in the name of the "folks", shmolks or dolks. Your all a bunch of vultures, I take all your comments & all the alphabet channels & shove em,… the toilet. 24 Hour news coverage is the curse of the 21st century. I curse CNN for starting it & the rest thats evolved since. Beeler's cartoon COULDNT be more accurate, in my never to be humble opinion. Vear ferblungit, all of you!

The idea that holding those responsible for broadcasting a threatening political atmosphere, with talk by leaders of secession and Second Amendment remedies, is partisan is part of the defensive right wing/Tea Party/Republican tactic. If it wasn't a lefty (ie a liberal shooting a liberal), it was a disconnected act by a "single lone gunman…standing alone." This tactic defends the right from its responsibility for using threatening rhetoric and insures that such acts will happen again. Gifford connected the dots before the fact; the rightwing narrative is that there are no dots to connect between a violent season of partisan rhetoric from the right and a purposeful political assassination. The cartoon re-enforces this viewpoint and so continues to promote overlooking dangerous rhetoric and images/rhetoric of political murder.

Of course Palin and O.Reilly want to make this a "random" assassination, divorced from the hostile and demonizing rhetoric of the right, since they both otherwise would have to apologize for setting the stage on which out of control "patriots" and "madmen" act out the implied threats.

Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it. If we wish to reduce the political violence, we must hold those spreading violent messages responsible. This is a good conservative principle: personal responsibility goes beyond the shooter to those who created the environment of hate and justification of assassination (the Repubs and Palin, et al supported terrorist Sharron Angle, who said if she failed at the ballot, Harry Reid should be "taken out" with "Second Amendment remedies."

Until the Republicans denounce such terroristic threats and stop playing the game that political violence has no context, they are co-responsible. The shooter did not act in a vacuum; he acted out the scenario presented by Palin and her Tea Party supporters, including Gifford's opponent from the Tea Party, Kelley, who used a shooting range as the prop for his attack on Gifford. If you cannot connect the dots as Gifford did before the fact, you are either very naive (ie brainwashed) or very cynical (using the single lone gunman theory as a defense against being held accountable.). Political assassinations are political.
They are not random, nor do they take place devoid of context. The context in Arizona was: liberals are evil; guns are solutions to evil.

BTW, there was another individual at the rally with a gun. He stated that he almost killed the man with the gun…until at the last moment, his finger on the trigger, he realized that the man with the gun had taken it from the assassin. More guns…more violence…more fear….more guns….ad infinitum.

Conservatives, overcome your fear and look at the murder stats in nations like Canada and the UK,, in which gun ownership is a privilege and tightly regulated. It is 1/3 of the US. Also, the states with the highest gun ownership stats have the most murders and those with the least have the least. Guns do not kill people; people with guns kill people.

Blaming those who broadcast hate and threatening rhetoric is not partisan; it is the first step towards justice and reducing the hatred and threats.

reply to ANTHONY FORD: I think if RIGHTISTS ever shut up and took responsibility for their actions I’d just faint dead away.
all that having been said, i just wish all sides (notice the adjective here!) would stop, think, pray and act sensibly, but i don't see it happening any time soon.


This violence may have been encouraged by vitriolic language from both the left and right, but feelings of frustration and helplessness was root cause. If the President and Congress really want to do something here, they need to start putting America first in all they do, rather than simply passing executive orders and laws to support their partisan agendas.
This young man was wrong in what he did. No one will argue that point. But nothing has changed in the hearts of our lawmakers. No one seems ready, willing, or able to step up and act like a true leader. The Ship of State has no rudder, and will continue off course until someone steps up to stir a proper course.

I like Bill O'Reilly mostly, the only one on Fox who actually might have an open mind. But in this case, Bill probably was taking it personally.
The cartoon was right on track, as some pundits on the left assumed the shooter must be a right wing-nut.

theref: "The cartoon was right on track, as some pundits on the left assumed the shooter must be a right wing-nut." Some on the right assumed also he must be a left wing-nut, and it seems theyr'e the ones now trying hardest to claim politics doesn't enter into it. Do try to be "fair & balanced."

I got rid of my pay tv service some months back because I was tired of seeing repackaged WW2 footage and pissant teen comedies over and over. But christ almighty if there was one thing I missed it was being doubled over with laughter watching Beck, Hannity and O'Reilly….and I don't even live in the US and none of what they scream and thump the desk about affected me in any way. Oh for the good ol' days…..Thanks for this vid.

It is odd how so many folks totally misunderstand an excellent Editorial Cartoon. It is simply pointing out that "crows" which in this case use BOTH political sides, are busily starting to pick at the bodies of a lot of innocent folks who died tragically. Personally, I found the Monks who simply sent a beautiful, very respectful coffin so the innocent little girl could go to Rest in peace as much as possible, were the best commenters on a tragedy.

Let us respectfully bury our dead. For gun advocates, I would venture that a few dozen THERE that were carrying would have shot the damned fool before he fired more than two or three shots. But they were not there.

For folks who hate guns, is it not a pity that there were NOT a lot of armed police there? They would have "shot to stop," which just happens to be "in the heart," as they never shoot to "Kill."

Regardless, one nut case has caused a tragedy. Whether you like guns or not, it is sad that nobody noticed how messed up this idiot's mind was.

Oh well, No point in noting facts when folks have already made up their minds.


in the middle of Iowa
and mourning all of those innocent dead folks.

It used to be Lawyers were depicted as vultures descending upon any carnage,now it is Pundits and
Partisans,who will be next?

Sorry but i dont get right or left with this piece. Both right and left are guilty which is what the artist is saying. The truth is patriotic in my book…..truth against all comers. I believe that some people spend all day and night on these types of broadcasts which can eat you alive. I consider myself a fairly normal non-violent type and I can very emotional and worked up about what certain people are allowed to say on the airwaves. I have to turn it off for my own sanity. That doesnt mean that i dont have heart-felt feelings for things like the Arizona shootings and keep the familys in my thoughts with hopes and prayers……but they are my thoughts not what some pundit is telling me to think. Its really a shame how some people have to make their money.
I have not been around here for a while because some people are just spreading to much hate…..but i had forgotten how much I really enjoyed Dale's and Geoff's opinions on all sorts of issues. Thanks for that!!

I think its a little to soon, especially the little girl. The parents and families would probably have prefered not to have to see this, thier loved ones used like this.

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