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20th Anniversary of 9/11

With the twentieth anniversary of 9/11 approaching this Saturday, the cartoonists have been drawing on the subject. This one is by RJ Matson.

Twenty years ago I was the president of the National Cartoonists Society (NCS) and I had put together my first convention for the group at the World Trade Center Marriott. I made multiple trips there to organize the event, which was the biggest ever for the NCS. My wife and kids got to know the World Trade Center, and many of the staffers there. Here’s the convention theme art by Jack Davis.

We were honoring Charles M. Schulz with a lifetime achievement award (that Snoopy is flying off with) marking the 50th anniversary of Peanuts. Shortly before the convention, Schulz passed away, turning the convention into a memorial event, and we did a tribute on the newspapers comics pages, with almost all of the cartoonists drawing Schulz/Peanuts comic strip tributes on the day of our Reuben Awards at the convention. Schulz’s now-defunct syndicate, United Features Syndicate, sponsored a lovely, big, boozy Sunday Brunch, celebrating Peanuts and Schulz, for over 630 of us at Windows on the World, the restaurant near the top of the North Tower that had a sweeping view.

I’m still haunted by the memory of all the people I worked with on the Sunday brunch, who didn’t make it out of the towers alive. Most of the people at the Marriott got out in time, before the hotel was crushed. To see all of this happen so soon after my convention in 2000 is still troubling for me and for my family who loved the World Trade Center.  Read all about about my World Trade Center NCS convention experience here.

I have posted some of my recent 9/11 anniversary favorites below.

This one is by John Darkow.


Patrick Chappatte


Dave Granlund


Jeff Koterba


Ingrid Rice


Chris Weyant

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