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The Day I Got Dizzy

… The performance that evening was a quartet whose leader was not “small” or “little”at all. It was none other than the legendary Dizzy Gillespie. I couldn’t believe it. There he was a few feet in front of us with that trumpet bell pointed up at the ceiling wailing away. Every player had a mic on their instrument which I thought was odd because the place was tiny and it didn’t seem to require any amplification at all. It was incredibly loud but … what the hell, it was Dizzy Gillespie …

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California’s War on Journalism!

Today’s cartoon is about California’s new law, AB 5, that went into effect this week. The law is terrible for cartoonists and It was intended to force Uber to make their drivers into employees, but overzealous lawmakers overextended into other areas that they didn’t understand, including journalism. The law is decimating publishers throughout California. AB 5 affects us at California-based Cagle Cartoons also, because we publish, we’re defined as a publisher rather than just as a syndicate. We’ve dropped a number of California cartoonists from our roster and some of the changes that we were forced to make were painful. Some contributors who were paid are now paid nothing, to comply with AB 5. features almost all non-California cartoonists and columnists now …

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