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Updated Oldies! Trump! Marijuana! Peace!

The problem with being a cartoonist who runs a little newspaper syndicate is that I have to actually run the little newspaper syndicate. I envy cartoonists who can work in their little cubicles, drawing cartoons all the time – as my life is sucked away with bookkeeping and administrative duties. Argh! On the other hand, by having a little business I’m safe from being laid off by a newspaper again. I’ve traded  having a boss for having dozens of cartoonists and freelancers depending on me to keep the business going. Again, argh!

So, I haven’t been drawing as many new cartoons as I would like during this busy political season. This week, while I was finishing up my belated business taxes, I dredged up a couple of oldies that seem fresh now. The first is a Muhammad cartoon-cartoon, updated to be a Trump cartoon that reflects the comments I get in my email box, from those “deplorables in a basket.” Here is what the cartoon originally looked like, at the right.

The second oldie this week is a repost of a California Marijuana oldie that I drew some years ago when California legalized medical marijuana. In November California votes on a referendum to legalize recreational marijuana, and the cartoon is suddenly fresh. What is old is new again.


In addition to the oldies, I drew a 10th birthday card for my friends at Cartooning for Peace. The big hands on star French cartoonist, Plantu’s dove logo, make me smile. That’s the Cartooning for Peace logo on the right, and my birthday card below. Happy birthday, Cartooning for Peace!





By Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle is the founder and owner of Cagle Cartoons, Inc. He is one of the most widely published editorial cartoonists and is also the editor of The Cagle Post.

5 replies on “Updated Oldies! Trump! Marijuana! Peace!”

Completely agree with this message. If Trump actually focused on some of the actual problems plauging the people he's soliciting votes from. Like drug addiction instead of calling out people for "rigging" the election and such.

Even though most of my facebook newsfeed is full of hate filled articles and whatnot, I feel that our country is moving forward in a positive direction. With the states just legalizing like Massachusetts, I'm surprised the cannabis issue has not been more popular in the news – although this may be a good thing if you imagine that people are not shocked or surprised by this. The very stigma of marijuana is vanishing before our eyes in the midst of other issues. I say thumbs up!

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