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Remember CNN Spanking Me?

I ran across an old CNN video as I was futzing around YouTube figuring out how to do my new drawing videos. ElnortefrontpageforblogThis was a news segment, one of two or three they did about a cartoon of mine showing the eagle on the Mexican flag, dead from a hail of bullets. I drew the cartoon in response to a particularly bloody period in the battles with Mexico’s drug cartels.

I had a wild week as the media in Mexico went wild. The Mexican Embassy in Washington D.C. filed a protest with the top brass at, who I was working with at the time. Then in response to the uproar, a number of top Mexican cartoonists drew Mexican flag cartoons supporting me.

That was a fun week.

The video below, from CNN, is pretty crazy. Their anchor, Rick Sanchez, was later fired (not because of this story, of-course).


Strange, huh? Here’s another one from CNN International.

Here’s the cartoon. It was fun for a week and lovely to get all the support form the Mexican cartoonists.


By Daryl Cagle

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