Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Windmills

Here’s my new cartoon about the Republican duo of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan:

mitt romney paul ryan Don quixote

It is a metaphor that made me laugh – Romney and Ryan, as Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, chasing the “impossible dream” of vanquishing the entitlement windmills.  It is great fun to rip off recognizable works of art for editorial cartoons – most editorial cartoonists do it every so often.

George W. Bush as King Henry VIII by Hans Holbien is one of my favorite oldies:

By Daryl Cagle

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3 replies on “Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Windmills”

Why do we so often see Social Security in the same bag of "entitlement" as welfare? I have paid into my Social Security account for many years. It is, after all, my money.

Actually, it's not your money. Social Security is not like a 401k or IRA. You aren't getting back money you put in. You are getting money from the people who are now working that they put in. Your part of the current pool is based on how much you contributed when you were contributing to the pool. Part of the reason SS is in trouble is because Baby Boomers didn't have enough kids.

Plus the fact that some who contribute to Social Security are rich and don't even need or perhaps even want the retirement payments. Perhaps they should have made it 'Social Security Insurance'; so their wouldn't have been any arguments. You can bet they'll change it, or it will die on the vine.

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