Conservative Fluke Cartoon Debated on msnbc

On Tuesday, I posted a conservative cartoon about Sandra Fluke and the Rush Limbaugh birth control rant on my blog by Gary McCoy, who I syndicate through Cagle Cartoons. Since then, there’s been a firestorm of criticism about the nasty tone of the cartoon coming from all quarters of the internet. Media critic Jim Romenesko even posted this side-by-side comparison on his blog:

Sandra Fluke Jim Romenesko Gary McCoy Rush Limbaugh

Today, Now with Alex Wagner host Alex Wagner brought up the cartoon on her msnbc show and debated the finer points of basic healthcare on International Women’s Day.

Here’s the clip:

Here are just a taste of the emails and comments we received about the cartoon:

Susan S.: “This cartoon (and Limbaugh’s remarks) say more about the originators than they do about Ms. Fluke. When did personal insults and ad hominem attacks become acceptable substitutes for political debate?”

Neil J.: “Since when did Rush draw cartoons? Demonizing is sick & wrong for cartoonists and talk radio. Thanks for continuing to poison the dialogue. Epitome of how wrong republicans have become for themselves and the rest of our great country.”

George B.: “Dear Gary, How would you like someone to do this to your daughter? I won’t take a look at any of your cartoons again. Incredibly distasteful!”

Jon J.: “Not funny, just stupid. Did Rush pay you to publish this piece of s#%t? Really, not happy to see you denigrate your brand with crap like this.”

Chris K.: “Since the woman was specifically NOT asking the Government to cover her birth control but a private organizations health insurance this cartoon is just promoting a lie.”

Robert E.: “That cartoon is just an example of the low intelligence and drivel you’d expect from the foul-minded Limbaughers.”

Sandy S.: “After being totally disgusted by the implied content, I couldn’t help but wonder – with Rush’s sponsors are leaving him faster than the captain did on the sinking Costa Concordia, is he now supplementing his income doing political cartoons?”

By Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle is the founder and owner of Cagle Cartoons, Inc. He is one of the most widely published editorial cartoonists and is also the editor of The Cagle Post.

8 replies on “Conservative Fluke Cartoon Debated on msnbc”

She actually does demand that her sexual relations be funded at taxpayer's expense. Very well, then the best that can be said is that she expects to be a kept woman, to be blunt, prostitute.

Truth hurts! But it's true!

Face reality.

Actually, morally, she's worse than a whore, who only offers herself in a *voluntary* transaction. Fluke would extract her financial support *by force*! Thus, she's effectively demanding to be an armed robber as well.

"She actually does demand that her sexual relations be funded at taxpayer's expense."

It always amuses me how delusional people can repeat what they've heard from a shock jock as if it were an article of faith. With so many people like you out there, there's little hope for democracy.

FREE! Why should birth control be free for all women???? Why should our goverent force All insurance companies to provide any product for FREE? And it wouldn't be free! The insurers premiums would go up!

Maybe we should do away with insurance companies for health care. Then everyone would pay for themselves, and what a great system that would be…..

Seriously, if you have ever used health insurance, you have ZERO right to complain about "someone else paying for contraception".

Joy – Premiums would decrease as a result of the insurance company having to pay for fewer births and continuing care for children.

Tatiana – Having sex does not make a woman a prostitute. Having protected sex is actually very intelligent. What your issue really boils down to is that you don't like the idea of non-marital sex. That's your morality, but trying to impose that on others is ethically very wrong.

Perhaps you would both feel better if no woman had control over her reproductive rights. In essence, you are comfortable with your boss choosing what medical services are best for you. Not your doctor,m your boss. Think about that for a moment before you knee jerk respond.

On to Ms. Fluke: She, as a private citizen, was called by congress to testify as to why contraception is important to women. Because she disagrees with you, you are calling her names. For Shame.

I find it deliciously Ironic that the hypocritical left is trying to intimidate Gary McCoy on his cartoon which speaks the truth about liberal pro choice women ( and men) with vulgar attacks and even death threats. How appropriate that the very people who claim to be tolerant and peaceful are the ones slinging the most vile and hateful
words at a cartoonist that disagrees with their dogmatic agenda. BTW Fluke never testified, nor was called by Congress to testify in front of a committee, she 'testified" in front of a horde of Democrats that was not a part of the Congressional committee as a dog and pony show for the liberal media.

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