Controversial Ron Paul Cartoon

This controversial Ron Paul cartoon got your attention. Here is what some of you thought.

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Last week, our brilliant caricacturist Taylor Jones (view more of Taylor’s cartoons here) drew a cartoon featuring Ron Paul wearing a Klansman’s robes. This was in response to the news of racists diatribes appearing in newsletter printed by Ron Paul more than 20 years ago. Paul has denied writing these, but refuses to say who might have, or explain how they ended up in his newsletters.

The cartoon obviously toched a nerve for Ron Paul supporters and non-supporters alike. We asked what you thought of the cartoon, and boy, did you tell us! Here’s a sampling:

Sandra Chung – If GOP candidates can make crap up about their opposing members, or others, then they shouldn’t be surprised or offended when their own past comes back to bite em on the ass.

Johnz Thomaz – He is not a racist, and has supported policies for years that would treat people as individuals, which is the ultimate way to break racial walls.

Dennis Jasinski – Typical political mud-slinging.

John Berger – When all else fails, call the person a racist, bigot, sexist, homophobe, adulterer, drug user, nazi, etc. and go back as far in time as is necessary to justify it.

Tyler Yaeger – At this point, I don’t think it’s fair to call Paul a racist, but he’s certainly worked with a lot, and has the support of a lot of them.

James Chapman – Absolutely fair. If he is going to demonize Hispanics, African-Americans, and Homosexuals then he better be prepared for the blowback. Besides I don’t see him giving back that $1 million that was raised from those racist newsletters.

Joe Sexton – There must be some reason why certain racists support him and donate money to his campaign. Does that make him a racist or just an opportunist–like just about all politicians?

Anika Denton – I loathe Ron Paul and his brain dead acolytes, but this is just lazy and not even clever. It’s one thing to be a bigot, but a Klan robe should be reserved for the likes of Pat Buchanan or Rick Perry.

Supa Charger – Ron Paul would protect your right to do this, would any of the other do the same?

Eating Steak – This is all you got? Some years-old stale newsletters accusing the Republican who scores the highest with non-whites of being a racist?

History Squared – Not really fair, since they weren’t his words, whereas Obama says he lied and was ashamed of his white heritage. Anything on that? Of course not.

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By Daryl Cagle

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