Tough Cartoons About Occupy Wall Street Crowds

Many cartoonists have jumped in to support the Occupy Wall Street movement, but don’t count Nate Beeler of the Washington Examiner among them.

We have lots and lots of Occupy Wall Street cartoons coming in these days (check out our cartoon collections here and here). It seems like the type of movement most cartoonists would be supportive off – a bunch of rag-tag troublemakers taking on the man, in this case the big banks and greedy Wall Street types already the subject of many cartoons (here’s my Occupy Wall Street cartoon).

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I noticed that Washington Examiner cartoonist Nate Beeler wasn’t exactly taken with the protesters themselves, and filed back-to-back cartoons mocking them as jobless, ambitiousness anarchists more at home playing video games then following through with a political movement.

I asked Nate for his thoughts, and here’s what he wrote me:

“My office happens to be next door to the Occupy DC protest at McPherson Square, so I get to experience these guys every day.

I certainly share the protesters’ outrage over the sleezy conduct of the big banks, but I can’t support their politics. I went to college, worked together at the school newspaper and was friends with these people — only then they weren’t as well organized, had more anarchists in their midst and were protesting against the WTO and IMF.

There are plenty of reasons to be ticked off at Wall Street, but I don’t think the solution to the nation’s economic problems lies in what we’ve already tried, which is more government. And yet, that’s just what the protesters are calling for when you get down to it. So, I sympathize with the “Occupy” crowd, but I think they’re terribly misguided and out of touch with the real world.”

Below are more of Nate’s Occupy Wall Street cartoons. What do you think of the protests?

By Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle is the founder and owner of Cagle Cartoons, Inc. He is one of the most widely published editorial cartoonists and is also the editor of The Cagle Post.

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Utter lack of wisdom, intellect and a confusingly massive lack of understanding at why so many intelligent people of all ages & backgrounds are fighting for the continued existence of REAL America- not the conservative New Holy Amerikkkan Empire that is trying to be ushered in.

We already lost our vote at the local and state level in Michigan under Snyder’s Ricktatorship and his abuse-of-power EFM order. You too will soon lose your voice at all levels, as 400 white men decide how we best serve them.

I think today’s commentary cartoon regarding Occupy Wall Street is fair.  There has to be a better way than carrying dumb, misspelled signs and wearing costumes.  I was not surprised when I saw, on the national news, a sign in one of the Wall Street windows that simply stated “We Are The 1%”.  Not much of an impact.  It just seems to me that if you really want to make a difference, then you need to find a way to use the talent you were born with.  We can all make it in this world if we stop blaming others for our situations.

Beeler’s cartoons are utter crap. Typical right-wing distortions: anything that isn’t enslaved to the big corporate interests is “Soviet-style communism.” Does anyone believe his nonsense?

Check out the 60’s and the civil rights movements.  They all started with little or no directions – and their fair share of kooks and crazy ideas.

From what I know – even the American revelotion probably started that way.

Give them some time.  Hopefully, commen sense will prevail and we’ll be better off.

So far the President, Congress, Republicans, Democrats – they’ve made it a lot worse for us the “99 %”.  these people can do the same stupid remarksa and do nothing – just as congress has.  So give them a try.

I say we vote EVERY incumbant out in the next election!

Typical left-wing comment.  Dismiss anyone else’s opinion as ‘crap’, racist, or nonsense.  Try stating an opinion instead of bashing someone elses.

I personally believe that both ends of the spectrum, Cagle’s vs Beeler’s cartoons, are represented here, and are just that, both ends of the sprectrum…and that the real truth is somewhere in the middle.

Who cares what he draws? Nate is in a dying profession and works for a rag that people in DC just use to line their birdcages or housebreak their puppies. Political cartoons are as relevant as pagers.

Utter, simplistic nonsense. Michael Mooee had it right during a recent Book Talk interview. Fir decades, the rich were not the object if scorn, (even admired) but they wanted more and more and more, until today they have reached beyond the tipping point. Some countries impose a cap on how much more CEO’s of corporations can make as a percentage beyond their median worker. We have no such thing and over the years, the diffferential has gotten obscene. And with that also came enormous political influence and power. And then the wealthy class brainwashed the simplistic minds that theyvwere the true Christian leaders and the blind masses, ever seeking simple answers to complex issues, fell into lock step. How else can one explain the rise to power of politicians who disdain history, science and logic. To them critical thinking is tantamount to treason.

I’m for the crowds and I’m glad people are talking about the relationship between corporations and government. I really do think corporations have too much say in government due to all the money they give politicians. This is why we’re a 1st world country far behind the others in so many ways. I’ve seen some really annoying protesters but I think it’s even more annoying to identify the entire movement as being only made of up hipsters and slackers.

Political cartoonists have an obligation to make a point. Personal insults and childish taunting is not only pointless but, in some ways, unpatriotic — it simply helps to polarize discussion for no reason and we get enough of that from drunken idiots in barrooms (and, these days, on the Internet).

I also think cartoonists have an obligation to check things out before they repeat them, but I guess that would end the art form entirely.

>Mention rose colored glasses

>Glorify the 60s protest for artificial, nonsensical reasons

Good game. See you out there.

A pathetically desperate attempt to vilify one of the only genuine protests to come along in years.

Keep It Simple Stupid. 1.  The regulations put into place after the “Great Depression” kept us from having the boom-&-bust cycles we had before they were enacted (and lead to the Great Depression) and have had since they were eroded, then gutted (we call ’em “bubbles” now) by Demos & GOPers alike.  No need to re-invent the wheel.  Just put the freakin’ regulations (especially the ones on banks) back in place. 2 Big oil, big pharma, big farmin’, big bankin’, big you-name-it are reporting records profits quarter after quarter; they’re paying tax rates that are as low as they have ever been and they want to pay for it by musclin’ in on grannie. And 3., as commander-in-Chief, Obama could order ALL troops to begin packing to come home (not just in Iraq & Afghanistan; I think we can un-invade Germany, Japan and a few other places now).  As Commander-in-Chief, no one in the GOP, Demos, courts or anyone else could do much about it.  Anyone want to guess how much we flush down THAT collective toilet a year?  More than enough to provide health-care for everyone, rebuild the infrastructure and EVERYTHING else they say we CAN’T do.  DONE.  

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

It is Nate Beeler who is out of touch with the real world. He got comfortable and was co-opted.

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