5 Funny Rick Perry Cartoons

As Rick Perry enters the national stage, come check out what the initial reaction is from the nation’s best political cartoonists.

Now that Rick Perry has inserted himself into the 2012 presidential race, all eyes are on the Texas governor to see if he can overtake front-runners Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney and win the party’s nomination. He’s already turned up the notch in terms of rhetoric, saying that military personnel don’t respect Barack Obama and criticizing the Federal Reserve as being almost “treasonous.”

Hartford Courant cartoonist Bob Englehart thinks Perry looks and sounds like the GOP’s nominee…

For those that miss the days of George W. Bush, Dave Granlund thinks Perry might be right up your alley…

Although as Monte Wolverton points out, Perry might want to remodel the U.S. Capitol a bit…

But what does Jesus think of Perry’s candidacy? Denver Post cartoonist Mike Keefe imagines for us…

Taylor Jones thinks Rick Perry’s real religious devotion comes down to one simple phrase…

By Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle is the founder and owner of Cagle Cartoons, Inc. He is one of the most widely published editorial cartoonists and is also the editor of The Cagle Post.

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I don’t know whether to have loved the Perry cartoons or to be scared to death by them.  Please, not another W!  Although the two seem to share a common “butchering of the English language;” I am certain I heard Rick Perry say, “physically conservative…” Saturday when he jumped in.  The only one worse than that is recently when here in SW Nebraska, our illustrious state rep. commented that, “as the penguin swings”… The mental picture of that is pretty good!

Corpoprate media is burying the most popular Republican, the only authentic candidate, Ron Paul.
The rest are all manipulative phonies.  Even many progressives like Paul for his stand on cutting defense and ending military agression and defense of civil liberites.  He is being buried BECAUSE
 he is not a puppet of the corporate ruling class, like ALL the others.  Demand that Ron Paul be taken seriously, as he has real grass roots support from all sides of the spectrum.

The cartoons lampooning this cartoonish twit are welcome.  The fact that he exists is a threat to this country because he: wants to secede from the Union (he even said that it was in the deal that Texas had when it joined the Union), has no use for government – except for purposes he will define at his leisure, has no concept of economics because he’s been bailed out by the Stimulus and Big Oil’s runup in prices and because he thinks that prayer has a place in governing versus actual thinking and facts.

Because Rep. Paul is a Libertarian who had to run as a Republican just to win his District in TX. He is to the GOP what denny kucinich and al sharpton are to the dems. Love his fiscal policy though.

Don’t know, never heard Jesus talk face to face. Just hope somebody gets in before the anitchrist kills us all!

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