Olbermann Calls It Quits

After eight years, msnbc commentator Keith Olbermann announced at the end of last night’s edition of Countdown that his contract had ended and the show would be his last.

Cartoonists have weighed in for years on Olbermann, who was msnbc’s most popular host. Here are some great cartoons over the years about the polarizing cable host, both from the left and the right.

Full disclosure: I am the cartoonist for

msnbc Keith Olbermann Comcast quits political cartoon
Randall Enos /
msnbc Keith Olbermann Comcast quits political cartoon
Nate Beeler / Washington Examiner,
msnbc Keith Olbermann Comcast quits political cartoon
Dave Granlund /
msnbc Keith Olbermann Comcast quits political cartoon
Jen Sorensen /
msnbc Keith Olbermann Comcast quits political cartoon
Taylor Jones /
msnbc Keith Olbermann Comcast quits political cartoon
Nate Beeler / Washington Examiner,
msnbc Keith Olbermann Comcast quits political cartoon
Randy Bish / Pittsburgh Tribune-Review,

By Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle is the founder and owner of Cagle Cartoons, Inc. He is one of the most widely published editorial cartoonists and is also the editor of The Cagle Post.

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I can not take Fox, and this was clearly of the opposite side of many issues, so I agreed with it and found the show often witty and telling it like it is…all others pale next to it. I will watch Keith again, I hope. I'll spend a lot less time with MSNBC.

Olbermann has been a voice of passionate outrage at the lies and crimes of government.
His taunting of O'Reilly was priceless, as the function of satire is to expose the hypocrisy of the powerful.
His anger at Bush showed that dissent cannot be silenced (unless the corporate media decides to pull the plug).

For those who think he went too far, I would ask: when the govt is lying and invading nations which do not threaten us, the danger is not in going too far but in not going far enough. Through the darkest days of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld, Olbermann brought both heat and light to the American public.

He did support Obama, as did a majority of Americans, but he also criticized him when he failed to deliver his campaign promises.

"Keith Olbermann is a top-flight journalist, a highly-intelligent commentator gifted with humor and humanity. MSNBC screwed up by kicking him out. Now, watch their ratings plummet."

Are there rating numbers in the negative range?

I smelled a red herring right away, and a little snippet that was left out is that this was a big push by Comcast.
I guess this is the big pushback for many democrats supporting net neutrality.

So one week in, and Comcast is already dictating what voices are on the air. We've entered a dark age my friends.

To those of you who are rejoicing, what would you be saying if Comcast had bought Fox News and Hannity was out the door?

Cagle – Thank God that you have provided a place for witty, duped and comical progressives to air their blather. As far a Olbermann is concerned "May he rest in peace". Keep up the ????? work.

This is very sad for liberals. I will miss watching Keith Olbermann on Countdown. As for MSNBC, not-so-much. My enthusiasm for watching MSNBC has vanished, and the word Comcast is starting to leave a bad taste in my mouth.

He had two yrs left on a $300 million contract. Poor guy. Guess he can draw unemployment. And B.O says Drs make too much money.

Olbermann funded co-chair of 'Marxist-socialist' bloc

Type it in. Just type in Olberman and Marxist groups and you will get all kinds of info on him. I figure this is the real reason he was fired. Probably some more news about him will be coming out.

Thanks Keith for your courage to speak out against Bush's trumped up Iraq war when it was both "unpatriotic" and unpopular to do so, and for exposing the right wing's hypocrisy and ridiculing them in the public square.

Your intellect, compassion, humor, and courage will be sorely missed. May God bless and guide you going forward.

Definitely will be watching much less of MSNBC.

"MSNBC screwed up by kicking him out. Now, watch their ratings plummet."

I didn't think they could get any worse . . .

I can't believe you leftists are for real…you gripe constantly about Fox, but NO ONE on Fox comes even CLOSE to Olbermann for being a rabid, partisan, rude and crude SOB. You're going to miss that guy? Sorry, lefties, most of America doesn't consist of masochists. Olbermann deserves to be slapped to the lips with a big wet cow pie.

Why this is almost as upsetting as when NPR fired Juan Williams. Maybe there will be an opening there for mr. olbermann. I doubt if FNC will extend an offer.

Nat, I agree, and I missed Friday's show (I thought they always had Lock-up or catctcha a predator shows on Fridays–boy have I been out of it?) so I don't know exactly what was said on Countdown. But why assume MSNBC booted him? He was the lead in ratings for them. I imagine Olberman just got tired of watering things down while Palin, Limbaugh, and FOX keep going full blast.. I will miss Coutdown in the coming election cycle. Great satire and great progressive self-righteousness (cause we NEED it!)
Oh, and Dalt, if you want credibility, learn to spell.

Actually, Monet, I think we get more than enough self-righteousness from leftists every day. Including pointing out spelling errors. Perhaps I should zing you for "Coutdown." Glass houses, and all that.

I really enjoyed Countdown and I look forward to seeing/hearing Keith again soon, hopefully from a platform where he can express himself with less BS restrictions.

Speaking of BS. His contract was reported by CBS at $30 mil, not $300 mil, as Myke here suggests. And to anyone who suggests that Keith was a rabid voice on the so-called "left" that can possibly be compared in any way to the spew from entertainers like O'Reilly, Beck or Limbaugh the important difference is this: he issued retractions and corrections when he was wrong. NO ONE speaking on behalf of the so-called "right" does that … ever! It's worth pointing out, I think, that Keith appeals to a higher-minded audience who gets his nerdy references, who understands the vocabulary he uses, who appreciates irony as much as he does, who knows the difference between fact and opinion and, as it happens, cares about consistent, accurate, rational information (even when couched in obviously biased commentary) and would inform him in real time of errors he would occasionally commit from time to time … and he'd listen. His fans don't like to be preached to or fed reality-defying crap which is why a race-to-the-bottom, dramatic propaganda outlet like Fox "News" has nothing to offer such people in the first place and does not try because those who would be fans of someone like Olbermann represent a demographic MUCH smaller than the vast, under-educated herds of ignoramuses easily suckled on fear and fenced off to graze and fatted on as many commercial interests as can possibly be stuffed into their frightened, angry holes. It's just good business and Fox turns it into ratings gold every night.

That said, no for-profit business voluntarily cuts loose it's flagship product. Leaving was clearly Keith's choice even if the timing may not have been. He will be back!

Rest easy, me buckos! Odormann was an orchestrated phony and sucked big time. Will only be missed by his seven regular viewers: Obozo, Joey Bite-me, Nasty Pelosi Galore, Hairy Greed, Maude Behar, Bill Manure and Dale the Despondent, a regular on this blog where the libtards congregate and suck each other's blood. Much like Barry Obozo, Odormann read his schtick and crap off a prompter. Speaking of Obozo, he has promised that once his puckered lips are pried off Hu's derriere, he will begin "putting the economy in overdrive". The dufus admitted he wasted the last two years!!!
An aside: the goddess of healthy eating, Mooch-elle, is rumored to have had seconds at the 2400 calorie per plate State Dinner which honored the Chinese dictator and civil rights activist. She actually passed up the apple pie ala mode for a double cheeseburger ala mode for dessert. As FLOTUS' bottom grows, so grows the USA!!!

Good riddance to bad rubbish as my mom used to say. I saw this coming when Chris Mathews started to tone down his vitriol.Don't worry too much lefties some network will pick him up so you will still hear him call people like me "Gun loving racist right wing nut jobs who want to kill everybody!"

It is disappointing to see so many people who spell well and write so coherently get bogged down in oneupsmanship name calling and finger pointing – very much like their various millionaire commentator favorites. The result is mostly noise and confusion and elevated BP, where seldom does anyone learn anything new and goes home harboring a self righteous anger. What might happen if some of you who hold such angry and disparaging views of those with whom you disagree, were to define a specific problem area currently threatening USA economy and lay out a step-by-step approach to resolve the problem? The rules require that you do appropriately diligent research into the topic and try to look at the logic of issues from different perspectives than those with which you are most comfortable. Since few of the Congressional electeds and their various supporters seem willing and/or capable of such behavior – those people concerned enough about our future that they are willing to engage in online pragmatic "can do" "let's fix it" dialogue may generate a wave of a positive attitude that creates some workable solutions. The constant shrill noise that creates "Us" vs. "Them" divisiveness draws energy and attention away from practical problem-solving, and makes big $$ in the ratings' races. It is a terrible waste of the skills the American people have been noted for in our ability to stand united in confronting a threat to the nation. It is similar to a terrible cancer, self-induced, that devours from within. And it reinforces the conclusion of the late great political scientist, Pogo, about who the enemy is.

Hey Farter (Phurter) you have been listening to Limberger (Limbaugh) too much. He loves to make fun of names in great abundance. It's a playgound thing that you and he never grew out of. Try to grow up, it will be an amazing transformation.

OPRAH! Please!!! Please!!! won't you give an hour to Keith Olbermann on your network? Many like me will forget about these money making cable networks who falsely claim to advocate freedom of expression!!! Olbermann is a great voice they are trying to silence.

Oh come on guys, Fox is fake news, but I admit the merger of MSNBC with Comcast is tantamount to making MSNBC as close to entertainment like FOX, and no longer bona fide news.

I always enjoy the level of intellectual discussion shown on these boards….yup-yup-yup…

ALL news channels are for profit, watered down nonsense. The worst thing to happen to honest "NEWS" was the 24 hour news channels. Because, if you are on for 24 hours, you have to fill 24 hours. That is when you start putting any "yahoo" with the ability to put together a sentence or two. That way we can listen to the "talking heads" spout useless information & then yell at anyone who disagrees. I may not be a huge Olberman fan BUT at least I felt he was talking to me & not yelling at me. Yes, he was an egotistical jacka– BUT at least he was an "intelligent" egotistical jacka– & he treated his viewers as if they had opinions. He did not force (he always gave) but did not force his opinion on people like so many do at FOX, CNN & most of talk radio. As long as our entertainment is controlled by companies who want to make money our "news" is going to suck!!! Really bad!! We need non for profit news outlets like they still have in Europe (oops – I forgot that is all socialist!!) Let’s stop insulting each other & recognize that no matter where you get your news it is slanted towards & for the companies & corporations & AGAINST the everyday people of the US!!

Dale is 100% correct. He can speak for me anytime. Fox commentators are today's example of the 1930s' Joseph Goebbels. As Hitler knew and Murdoch knows, if you tell the same lies long enough, some people will start to believe them. Continued cuts to education funding will only increase Fox's army of pathetically stupid viewers. The truth is, no western European nation would allow the kind of trash that Fox broadcasts to be fed to audiences over there. They'd be put off the air. Olbermann should run for president.

Please, all broadcast corporations, please, please, please keep Keith out of sports, that's the only place that I can find any enjoyment on the boob tube any more.

Oh, and thanks Barbicane and Tobi for pointing out how stupid the rest of the world is. If only everyone thought like you do, was just as educated and brilliant, then we would all live in little pink houses and the world would just be peachy. I mean, after all, if anyone disagrees with you, and Keith, they must be ignorant.

Mark, if you can't disagree intelligently then at least do it honestly if you wish to be taken seriously. Thankfully, Fox "News" consumers (that you apparently identify with) do not comprise the "rest of the world" (aka. non-fans of Keith Olbermann) as your false dichotomy suggests. Basically, you're lying and you're wrong.

In the words of the late, great, irreverent Bill Hicks whom Keith enshrined in a weekly segment: "Your denial is beneath you, and thanks to the use of hallucinogenic drugs, I see through you."

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