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Liz Cheney Week

This week belonged to congresswoman Liz Cheney as she was kicked out of her Republican leadership position for refusing to tell lies about a “stolen election” and swear fealty to Trump. Here’s my cartoon.

And here are my Liz Cheney week favorites!

Steve Sack


Chris Weyant


Rick McKee


Taylor Jones


RJ Matson


Adam Zyglis


Dave Granlund


Dave Whamond


JD Crowe

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Republican Infighting

Right now the House is debating President Trump’s second impeachment and a few, prominent Republicans have indicated their support for impeachment – a stark departure from the last impeachment that has split the Republican party.
The Republicans who are arguing against impeachment are described as cowed by Trump and fearful of their on political future and safety. I don’t believe it. It sounds to me like these guys drank the Kool-Aid and believe what they are saying.

Trump’s claims of a stolen election likely led to the election of the two Senate candidates in Georgia and Democratic control of the Senate. A few Republicans, like Liz Cheney and possibly Mitch McConnell can see that the GOP faces self-destruction if the continue to support their fascist fans.

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Five Great Chris Christie Cartoons

With Governor Chris Christie set to give the Keynote Address at this year’s GOP Convention in Tampa, I thought I would round-up five cartoons about the New Jersey straight-talker. One thing’s for certain – he was born to draw:

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Republican Convention and Hurricane

Republican Convention and Hurricane © Daryl Cagle,,hurricane Gustav,New Orleans,storm,Republican,convention,RNC,elephant