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Gamestop Clubbing

I still had my Thin Blue Line flag clubbing cartoon from last week on my mind when I heard the new reports about Reddit and Gamestop. Droves of Reddit users coordinated to drive up the stock price of Gamestop, a poorly performing, video game, brick and mortar store chain. Big Wall Street hedge funds had been “short selling” Gamestop, such that when Reddit users pushed the stock price up, the short sellers had to pay for most of the hugely inflated price of Gamestop, and the big Wall Street hedge funds took a nasty hit.

That’s the Reddit Robot on the right, with extended arms to weild the Gamestop club.

I put a label on the Wall Street pig – sorry about that, I know labels are for cartoonist sissies, but I didn’t want to draw Wall Street as a bull this time around.

Yes, I know Wall Street has three fingers and one thumb on one hand, and four fingers on the other hand, but a thumb is really another finger if you take a broader view, so he has four fingers on each hand. As it should be with Wall Street pigs.

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This will be my last batch of TRUE cartoons for my blog. I watercolored these for some reason that I forget! Back in the 1990’s, when this ran in newspapers, it ran in black and white and there was no color, Sunday TRUE. Gotta love color!

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TRUE Stupid Stuff 2!

Here’s another new batch of my old TRUE cartoons from the 1990’s – at least the ones that look like they could still be true. This is from a batch about government.

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Yet another new collection of my old TRUE cartoons, about sex! This is TRUE SEX part 3. I’m updating and entering these into our store as go through these oldies. I’ll have a few more batches before I run out of evergreens.


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TRUE Crazy Stuff 2!

Here’s another batch of my TRUE syndicated newspaper cartoons from 1995. I’m culling out the cartoons that are not too stale to include in our database and making little changes so that don’t seem too dated; sometimes that is hard and I have to delete some of my favorite oldies. I’m letting quite a few old style TVs and land line phones sneak through.

I suppose it is more interesting that so little has changed.


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Daryl’s Garage Encore!

Here’s another batch of oldies from my first career as a cartoonist, before I was a political cartoonist!

I did a lot of work for a novelty giftware company called “Hog Wild”, this is a cover for their annual catalogue.


These OralB Muppet Toothbrushes lasted many years in stores and may have been my best selling licensed Muppet product.


Here’s a spread for Men’s Health Magazine (I think).


Here’s another Zillions cover painting. This one is really big and I painted in their logo.


Here’s a scan of that Zillions Magazine cover illustration I posted a couple of days ago.


This one was my biggest ad campaign, for Discover Card – the color painting and line art with type in place. This ran everywhere.

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The G7 Piggy Bank

I drew a pro-Trump cartoon again – I know how my readers hate that! Trump is getting hammered in the press today for testy comments following a testy G7 summit in Canada, with Trump saying, “We’re like the piggy bank that everyone is robbing.”

I think “suckling” is a better fit than “robbing”. Trump ran his campaign on toughening up trade relationships, which is something I like. Trump also complained about our allies not paying enough for  their defense, and depending on the US military subsidizing them. I also liked that Trump promised to get us out of foreign wars. I’d like to see Trump do more to keep these promises, especially the one about keeping out of wars. Trump seems to want to meddle around the globe poking every bee hive, at least as much every other president –better that he meddles with tariffs than wars.

My readers, who strongly object when I draw something that veers out of my liberal slot, will have plenty to complain about with this cartoon.

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The Evolution of Aung San Suu Kyi

Aung San Suu Kyi was described as the Nelson Mandela of Burma. She won the Nobel Peace Prize and was honored around the world. Now, as the leader of the party in charge of the government, and the de facto leader in Myanmar, she is silent while government troops slaughter, rape and burn down villages of Rohingya muslims. A huge influx of hundreds of thousands of refugees are streaming into Bangladesh as Burmese troops lay landmines to prevent their return to their homes. Perhaps I was being kind to Aung San Suu Kyi by drawing her as an evil, killer pig.

We don’t have comments working on the blog right now, so I thought I would share some of the comments from my Facebook fan page. The comments are an insight into the motivation of the ruling majority in Myanmar.


Sai Ok Sean Have you even been to our country? How much do you know about our History and if you’re not a deaf nor a blind.. come feel the ground yourselves. Hearsay and drawing up something inappropiate will just make you a big beggar. Shame on you bastard.


Winn Lakk Mon Now the world knows you are blind because you can see only one side,you dun know what the hell is happening on the other side ,you nerd .How much you know abt myanmar? Lol found another attention seeker!
Thet Thet Tun Wtf it is? Your infirmation is one sided and so bias. If you want to know real situation, read everything from different sources.
Chase Duan Sadness is people act like they r saints, blaming all game on a person. please see the both side of the story. Go stay in Rakhine state if ya really want to help. Unless ya see the truth, don’t draw, it is a shame to art and pencil.
ပညာ ဒီပ ပညာဒီပ Never say Rohingya.
They all came from Bangladesh.
They all are Bengali.
They are not our ethnic people.
They are terrorists.
They make ethnic cleansing in Maung Daw ,Western Myanmar.
They are very very rude and making genocide on our ethnic Rakhine people.
Bengali are are terrorists and rapists.
Kyaw Thurein You have no idea what the hell is happening there. Just flipping the news feed on your mobile and do you think you know about Myanmar? Think again. Cultivate a mental model or practice that goes beyond what the international media is trying to sell.

Willion John Smit 1. Rohingyas are not Burmese. They called themselves as Rohingya. There are no such people in Burmese history and census.

2. Rohingyas are in fact Bengali who speaks Bengali dialect, dress Bengali clothes and eat Bengali food and have Bengali cultureSee More

Khin Maung Soe Please do not fan the flames. All citizen from Myanmar knows the truth.
There is no Rohingya in our country and, If you study some more you will find out these so called, Rohingya, in fact, Bengali Terrorists are the one who rape and kill the local ethic Rakhine people.
Harri H Fleming Seems like lot of government side rich people here today who want to show they ignorance like Aung Kyi who already in a interview showed her racism when she complainted about she was interviewd by a muslim woman.

Willion John Smit Rohingyas are not Burmese. They called themselves as Rohingya. There are no such people in Burmese history and census.

2. Rohingyas are in fact Bengali who speaks Bengali dialect, dress Bengali clothes and eat Bengali food and have Bengali cultures.

3. Rohingyas are illegal immigrants who illegally entered to Myanmar from Bangladesh.

4. The Burmese government gave citizenship to many Rohingyas, but more and more illegal immigrant Rohingyas comes from Bangladesh every year.

5. When they became citizenship, they are equal under the law. No one may be discriminated against on the basis of their race, religion, ethnic group, or gender.

6. Rohingya raped underage girls (under 13 years old), tortured them and killed these little girls.

7. Rohingya bullied Rakhine people, did several arson attacks, killed hundreds of Rakhine people and burnt thousands of houses.

8. Rohingya has been trained by fundamentalist Taliban and Al Qaeda (cited from wikileaks and other credible news).

9. Rohingya owns thousands of guns to shoot Rakhine people. (Please go to Rakhine state and research it. Dozens of Rakhine people are killed by Rohingya bullets)

Sann Maung Maung Cartoonist without Brain!!!!!!
HtetAung Linn Living in the all in fake world 🌎 You nerd Daryl Cagleone side is blind and one side is deaf
Linn Thura Htun You are completely idiot & stupid Daryl…..



4 hrs


Ray Chan Myat I just wanna say you that ” fuck you” I am fucker of you” that’s all!
Nway Maya However u r attacking
We ain’t happening nth.
Coz we r rightTry to look both side and wide ure wise with truth.

Don’t be stupid like other
If u do then u r also dammm ass like others
‘ To cat pearls before swine.
To knock at a deaf man’s door.’

And we r right so
“It is a fortunate head that never ached ”

Chaw Su stupid cartoon and shame on you!
Aung Khaing Win Most of the news on world medias are fake & bias news. In real situation Bangali Muslim Terrorists are killing indigenous peoples as genocide. If you are Human, you should see two sides.
Hla Hla Win You’re the one that looks like a pig fraud.
Kaung Aung San Rohingya supporter = ISIS Builder
Kyaw Bumar Kyawbumar Kyawbumar fuck, Do you mother fucker?
Hnin Mon Do you know exactly about her?
James Yin You r just a Cartoon drawer without ethic!
Shwe Christtina Lay What does this picture mean? This picture means that you have nasty brain creating and posting this. So so rude.
Yee Mon What’s ur nationality?
Check ur eye n ear.
Ye Min Aye What the hell of your attitude? You don’t know the ground situation but you did insult on our leader
Willion John Smit Better to keep quiet than to argue with nonsense people.
Mya Thidar This is not true! One- sided story from Rohingya supporter
Willion John Smit Shame on you cartoonist !
Kyaw Swar ha! an attention seeker
Thu Ra stupid cartoonist. brainless cartoonist.
NyeinChanz Phyoe Fuck u man 😂
Mya Zaw You are low standarded man
Nay Myo Tun Stupid Daryl Cagle . Shame on you .
Mya Thidar Stupid cartoonist! Fool
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The NRA and the Republican Doggie!

Since the Orlando massacre there has been talk on the left about gun control, while the right seems unmoved by arguments to limit assault weapons or ban sales of guns to people on the “no-fly” list. It isn’t hard to see why.

I like the image of the NRA as a pig in a business suit – much the same image that I often use for Wall Street. The pig is a symbol of greed and the NRA is all about money and self interest around their gun issues. Here’s another one with NRA piggies that I drew some time ago.

and here’s another one …

My pigs are influenced by my old Muppet days and I guess I have a pig style that some people see as too similar to my elephants. Whenever I draw pigs in cartoons I’ll get an e-mail from somebody who thinks my pig is a short snouted elephant – some people must suffer from pig-blindness.

The videos of my drawing the new NRA piggy and doggie are below. Note that I ran into a problem with Photoshop when I tried to put in the image of the $100 bill. I thought using a $100 bill was funny and enhanced the message of the cartoon; it created a natural, visual focal point drawing the eye up to the money. Its all about the money. Photoshop blocks images of bank notes as a barrier to counterfeiters, and this has been a problem for me with past cartoons. In the videos you’ll see me struggle with this again. I use money scans rarely enough that I always forget how I worked around it the last time. You’ll see me struggle a bit and figure it out in the video.

Here I am drawing the piggy/doggie cartoon …

and here I am coloring the piggy/doggie cartoon …


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San Bernardino, Guns, Republicans and the NRA

My cartoon today about the terror attack in San Bernardino, inspired by the interesting front page on the New York Daily News.

Standing in a crowed of bloody, murder victims while saying something ironic or hypocritical is a cartoon cliche that every cartoonist has drawn many times. Here’s a similar cartoon that my buddy Pat Bagley drew recently in response to San Bernardino …

This Steve Sack cartoon is probably my favorite San Bernardino cartoon – it is a response to the New York Daily News  prayer front page and the rejection of another gun control vote in congress, with a wonderful rosary.

Here’s another one of my dead field of victims cartoons about Bashar Assar – as fresh today as it was when I drew it some time ago.

Here’s another one where I used the same victims. I traced the same dead crowd, and changed their clothes to Taliban duds.  There was a story at the time criticizing American servicemen for peeing on the corpses of Taliban fighters they had just killed in battle. I got a lot of angry reader response to this cartoon.

This also isn’t the first time I’ve drawn the NRA as a pig. Here is a Cagle classic NRA pig cartoon …

Pigs are a wonderful cartoon standard; they are a symbol of greed. Here’s a standard Cagle piggy oldie …

Pigs and standing among fields of the dead are two of my favorite things! (Maybe that’s another reason why those Islamic extremists don’t like cartoonists.)




Two Faced Jerry Brown

Two Faced Jerry Brown © Daryl Cagle,,California, water, drought, environment, global warming, agriculture, farm, farmers, farming, pig, restrictions, cities, hose, lawn, climate change


California Agriculture Water Hog

California Agriculture Water Hog © Daryl Cagle,,pig, hog, farm, farmers, agriculture, water, drought, California, 80% of the water used, 2% of the economy