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On Saturday, the day after President Trump’s inauguration, we’ll see the Women’s March on Washington where the protest fashion of the day is “Pussyhats.” The hats are based on Trump Access Hollywood comments about “grabbing women by the pussy.” My wife is busy knitting pussyhats for herself and my daughter.

Since Liberty and Justice are the most important women in government, they should march with Pussyhats too. The idea of knitting as a protest makes me smile.


Women in Combat

Women in Combat © Daryl Cagle,,Army,air force,navy,marine corps,military,Secretary of Defence Leon Panetta,women,medals.children,equal rights,women in combat


International Women's Day Cartoons

Amid all the talk about birth control and female reproductive rights, you might have forgotten that today is International Women’s Day. Countries around the world are celebrating the gains made by women in business, politics and education.

It’s sad that we don’t have many female editorial cartoonists working today that can express themselves on a topic like this. Maybe that itself is a sign of how far women’s right still have to go. Or maybe it means women just don’t like to draw cartoons.

Check out our International Women’s Day cartoon collection, and share it with a friend!

Chris Slane / (click to view cartoon collection)