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Favorite Flies

The Vice Presidential debate was all about the fly on Mike Pence’s head. Here are my favorite fly cartoons!

Jeff Koterba

Chris Weyant


Steve Sack


Kevin Siers


Taylor Jones


Hajo de Reijger


Dave Whamond

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Five Funny Joe Biden Cartoons

After President Obama’s miserable, poll-shifting performance in last week’s debate with Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, Democrats are put in the akward position of hoping for a strong performance in Thursday’s Vice Presidential debate from gaffe-machine Joe Biden.

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This means that unfortunately for Obama, he’s going to have to remove the tape from Joe’s mouth, like in this cartoon by Taylor Jones

Arizona Daily Star cartoonist David Fitzsimmons thinks Biden might be able to take advantage of an inexperienced Paul Ryan…

At this point, Delaware cartoonist Rob Tornoe thinks Joe Biden is a wildcard…

While Augusta Chronicle cartoonist Rick McKee knows where Biden will be resting prior to the debate…

Minneapolis Star-Tribune cartoonist Steve Sack takes a quick peek into the mind of Joe Biden, Looks fun…