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Don Quixote Trump

President Trump is chasing his “impossible dream” of finding widespread election fraud that could turn the election in his favor. To me, that sounds like time for another Don Quixote cartoon – a favorite trope of the international cartoonists.

I worried a little about whether VP Mike Pence would be recognizable as Sancho Panza, but then I decided that this is probably my best caricature of Pence – it must be how Picasso would have drawn Pence.

I took a look in the vast CagleCartoons archives to find a few more quixotic cartoons, and these are my favorites.

The first one is by our Chinese cartoonist, Luojie, who draws the Chinese government line for The China Daily newspaper. Luojie thinks the USA and EU are chasing windmills with their Chinese trade sanctions.

Our Swedish CagleCartoonist Riber Hanssen has a more complex, but similar point of view with Don Quixote, a fire hose and an impossible dream of extinguishing the Chinese dragon.

Our CagleCartoonist from Oaxaca, Mexico, Dario Castillejos, has Don and Sancho doing a selfie.

Angel Boligan from Mexico City draws Quixote and the media.

Michael Kountouris from Greece sees gender equity as an impossible dream.

Finally, here’s the famous, original Pablo Picasso drawing that inspired my parody cartoon.

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Tariffs for China

In the crush of cartoons criticizing President Trump for his trade war with China, I haven’t noticed any that are supportive of Trump’s tariffs. Trump’s promises about tariffs and renegotiating more favorable trade agreements around the world were a driving force in his election. Frankly, I don’t mind the tariffs and the approach.  I consider this to be a mildly pro-Trump cartoon.

China had all they wanted in their trade relationship with the USA; Trump’s tariffs give China new and different things they want from America, that Trump should be willing to give up. That’s a negotiating tactic I see all the time as an artist working with businesses, but it seems to be lost on the pundits.

And I love drawing Xi Jinping as Winnie the Pooh – I’m going to stick with that. Here’s an earlier one.


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The G7 Piggy Bank

I drew a pro-Trump cartoon again – I know how my readers hate that! Trump is getting hammered in the press today for testy comments following a testy G7 summit in Canada, with Trump saying, “We’re like the piggy bank that everyone is robbing.”

I think “suckling” is a better fit than “robbing”. Trump ran his campaign on toughening up trade relationships, which is something I like. Trump also complained about our allies not paying enough for  their defense, and depending on the US military subsidizing them. I also liked that Trump promised to get us out of foreign wars. I’d like to see Trump do more to keep these promises, especially the one about keeping out of wars. Trump seems to want to meddle around the globe poking every bee hive, at least as much every other president –better that he meddles with tariffs than wars.

My readers, who strongly object when I draw something that veers out of my liberal slot, will have plenty to complain about with this cartoon.


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Palestinian Prisoner Trade

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