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Here’s today’s cartoon about the spineless Republicans who are backing Trump’s baseless claims of voter fraud and his refusal to recognize that Joe Biden won the election.

And here’s my cartoon as it appeared in The Washington Post this morning, 11/18/20.

“Spineless” cartoons are a favorite cliché for editorial cartoonists. Here’s a spineless cartoon that I drew about President Obama’s Middle East policy many years ago.

Here’s a 25 year old spineless oldie from my TRUE! cartoons, a syndicated newspaper feature that I drew back in 1995.

I took a quick look at the vast archives for  my favorite spineless cartoons by the CagleCartoonists.

This 13 year old spineless oldie is from Monte Wolverton.


This three year old spineless oldie comes from Adam Zyglis.


This Dave Whamond spineless Mitch McConnell cartoon is a recent classic.

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