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Ted Cruz Monkey Poop

Today’s cartoon is based on one of my oldies that was based on a famous cartoon by the great British cartoonist, Steve Bell.  I’m a big Steve Bell fan.

Editors don’t like poop in cartoons, and this one isn’t likely to get much ink, but it makes me happy. Here’s the Steve Bell cartoon it is based on. Bell told a funny story at an old editorial cartoonists convention about how he had to negotiate with his editor about how many poops on the wall would be acceptable. I’m my own editor, and I can have as many poops as I want – still, I envy the British cartoonists who can get away with much stronger, nastier cartoons than American cartoonists can.

One more thing … I think editorial cartoonists who use labels are sissies, and I used a lot of labels here, but I didn’t label Ted Cruz, I only labeled his poop – an important distinction.

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Republican Healthcare Poop

Today we saw the TrumpCare/RyanCare Repeal and Replace bill go down in flames – or poop. Here’s my cartoon.

This is based on a cartoon I drew in 2009 when President Obama and the Democrats were pushing Obamacare through Congress.

Want to see me draw this one in real time? Check out the video below …

And here’s the video of me coloring the cartoon in Adobe Photoshop on my Wacom Cintiq …

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Twitter Poop

President Trump suffers from his impulsive Tweeting. Earlier this week he was accusing President Obama of wire-tapping his phones in a series of tweets that blew back to bite him.

A number of cartoonists have drawn the twitter bird flying over and pooping on Trump. I thought a giant Twitter bird would be funny, because it would poop more. And trump is one of those rare characters tho is recognizable even with his face covered in bird poop.

I didn’t live-stream this drawing, but I colored it, along with the last cartoon, in the video below. Come watch!


Wall Street Bull Yuck

Wall Street Bull Yuck © Daryl Cagle,,Wall Street, finance, economy, mortgage, Uncle Sam, shit, poop, bullshit, bull, Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers, stock market