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Don Quixote Trump

President Trump is chasing his “impossible dream” of finding widespread election fraud that could turn the election in his favor. To me, that sounds like time for another Don Quixote cartoon – a favorite trope of the international cartoonists.

I worried a little about whether VP Mike Pence would be recognizable as Sancho Panza, but then I decided that this is probably my best caricature of Pence – it must be how Picasso would have drawn Pence.

I took a look in the vast CagleCartoons archives to find a few more quixotic cartoons, and these are my favorites.

The first one is by our Chinese cartoonist, Luojie, who draws the Chinese government line for The China Daily newspaper. Luojie thinks the USA and EU are chasing windmills with their Chinese trade sanctions.

Our Swedish CagleCartoonist Riber Hanssen has a more complex, but similar point of view with Don Quixote, a fire hose and an impossible dream of extinguishing the Chinese dragon.

Our CagleCartoonist from Oaxaca, Mexico, Dario Castillejos, has Don and Sancho doing a selfie.

Angel Boligan from Mexico City draws Quixote and the media.

Michael Kountouris from Greece sees gender equity as an impossible dream.

Finally, here’s the famous, original Pablo Picasso drawing that inspired my parody cartoon.

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Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Windmills

Here’s my new cartoon about the Republican duo of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan:

mitt romney paul ryan Don quixote

It is a metaphor that made me laugh – Romney and Ryan, as Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, chasing the “impossible dream” of vanquishing the entitlement windmills.  It is great fun to rip off recognizable works of art for editorial cartoons – most editorial cartoonists do it every so often.

George W. Bush as King Henry VIII by Hans Holbien is one of my favorite oldies:


Romney Ryan Windmills

Romney Ryan Windmills © Daryl Cagle,,Pablo Picasso,Don Quixote,Sancho Panza,Paul Ryan,Mitt Romney,windmills,horse,donkey,Medicare,Obamacare,welfare,Social Security