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Cartoon Journalism in The Nation

My brilliant cartoon-journalist daughter, Susie Cagle, graces the cover of the current issue of The Nation magazine.  Susie does original reporting in cartoon form.

Most cartoon-journalists draw in an autobiographical format, drawing themselves reporting a story or depicting themselves as part of a story. Cartoonists often illustrate the work of journalists; the Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartoons in 2018 was awarded to a cartoonist who illustrated the work of a journalist, something many cartoonists don’t consider to be either editorial cartooning or cartoon-journalism, rather it is simply “illustration.”

Traditional editorial cartoonists, who draw their own opinions, consider themselves journalists; we are graphic columnists – but original, non-autobiographical reporting by cartoonists is very rare. It is great to see The Nation embrace real cartoon-journalism.

Susie’s cover article reports on how hospitals are crippled by big-money monopolies at a critical time. Here are some excerpts. See the whole article.

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