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Sedition Favorites

Next week the Senate will take up the second impeachment of former president Trump. It is a good time to look back on my sedition favorites from the MAGA mob insurrection at the capitol.

My cartoon shows a MAGA guy bashing a policeman on the head with his Thin Blue Line flag. I thought this made for a nice wordless cartoon, but cartoons are supposed to be exaggeration and commentary, but this one actually happened; there was a guy in the mob doing just this – so I suppose this is more of an illustration than a political cartoon.

Here are some of my favorite cartoons about the Capitol insurrection, to set the mood for next week.

Bob Englehart


Rick McKee


Dave Whamond


Steve Sack

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Attacking Democracy

It will be interesting to see if the cartoons criticizing Trump will get reprinted this week, after president incited the violence on Capitol Hill.

Newspaper editors don’t like to print cartoons about Trump. I thought I would take a more “optimistic” view than most of the cartoonists who were drawing battered and bruised symbols of democracy – my democracy bounces back.  See my archive here.

Here are a couple from Jeff Koterba.

Jeff is optimistic too, at least if you look at his eagle cartoons in this order.  I almost started drawing the feet idea with them trampling on the flag, but I didn’t.  Maybe I should.

Here’s Bill Day’s battered eagle.

Bulgarian CagleCartoonist Christo “Komar” Komarnitsky drew Trump assaulting the Statue of Liberty.

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