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This is a Facebook oldie that I drew eight years ago. Things don’t change much.


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Apple vs. the FBI and Third World Despots

The legal battle between the FBI and Apple promises to be epic. I come down on Apple’s side; we’ve seen how important technology is in undermining evil despotic regimes around the world. If courts can force tech companies to become foot soldiers in regime efforts to spy on their populations that will be a loss for freedom around the world.


I drew this one as a live stream. Watch me color it in Photoshop in real time in the YouTube video below (scroll past the timer at the beginning).

Click on the YouTube video below and it should start at 2:48:40 where I start drawing the Apple vs Despots cartoon. This was a long afternoon of work, and I drew the previous cartoon before this one. Sorry for the lack of editing, but hey, you see everything. I have nothing to hide.

Obama and the Constitution

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Five Funny Facebook Cartoons

With the news that Facebook is set to go public today, I thought it might be a good time to dig into our archives and pull out five funny Facebook cartoons.

It also seems appropriate to remind you to “like” our cartoon page on Facebook. After all, we want to do what we can to help Mark Zuckerberg make even more money…

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David Fitzsimmons / Arizona Daily Star (click to view more cartoons by Fitzsimmons)

Facebook Privacy

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Morality Judges

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