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Trump and Race

President Trump seems to be staking out his positions in opposition to the Black Lives Matter movement. As the saying goes, “not all conservatives are racists, but all racists are conservatives.” Trump is playing to the ugliest impulses of his base.

None of this is lost on the Cagle Cartoonists. Here are my favorite cartoons on Trump and race.

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Trump and Disinfectant PART 1

Last Thursday America was fascinated to see President Trump pushing one of his medical experts to research crazy and harmful proposed cures for COVID-19, including drinking or injecting toxic disinfectants and shining light inside the body. I got emails from quacks pushing bleach pills soon after Trumps spectacle. Scary nonsense that led to lots of cartoons –see the best of the batch below, with a second installment tomorrow as these cartoons are still coming in.

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Forgotten Biden – Part 1

With all eyes on the pandemic there are very few cartoons being drawn about the presidential election. Trump still dominates cartoons, along with nasty coronavirus monster-balls, but poor Joe Biden has become almost invisible.  I thought I would scour the database for nice, recent Biden cartoons, and there were enough for only two posts of Biden cartoons. Here they are, the recent Biden cartoons, with part two tomorrow.

We may end up re-electing Trump simply because we all forgot that there is a presidential election this year.

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Most POPULAR Cartoons of the Week

Here are the 15 most popular and most reprinted CagleCartoons for the week of March 1st through 7th. We’ve started posting the cartoons that are most popular with editors in a special section on our newspaper subscribers download site. These are the cartoons that editors download the most, in high resolution, to be published in their newspapers. Since we started drawing more attention to the most popular cartoons, we’ve found that editors’ downloads on our site have doubled.

20% of our cartoons get 80% of the reprints. Editors tend to like the same cartoons –and these are the cartoon the editors liked most and published this week. Enjoy!

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