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USA vs World Vaccines

Vaccines are just now becoming available to all age groups in the USA, and we’re well on track to getting enough people vaccinated by this Summer. In the rest of the world the pandemic grows much worse. China and Russia are doling their dubious vaccines out to desperate nations to curry foreign favor, without revealing the testing data and background research for their vaccines that appear to be less effective than the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines in the USA. The AstraZeneca vaccine hasn’t been approved in America, but is the only choice in Europe, where health scares have led to bans and distrust. After an ugly year, the privileged USA is taking care of itself while the rest of the globe suffers, begging for vaccine scraps.

I thought about labeling the Jim Crow drinking fountains “USA” and “World” – maybe I should have since it isn’t a race disparity, rather it is the privileged compared to the needy; I’m still not sure that was a good editorial choice.

Here are some cartoons from the CagleCartoonists about the lousy vaccines the world is stuck with.


Petar Pismetrovic, Austria


Rick McKee, USA


Tom Janssen, The Netherlands


Bart van Leeuwen, The Netherland


Patrick Chappatte, Switzerland

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Obama and Payday Lenders!

Payday lenders are a blight on society, charging the poor hundreds of percent interest rates and trapping them in a never-ending spiral of debt. I hadn’t been aware of the problem until I first moved to Nashville and was stunned to see a payday lender on almost every block. There must be more payday lenders than restaurants in Tennessee!

Today I’m taking a holiday from my usual Obama bashing as the president is using his executive authority to impose proposed, crippling regulations on the payday loan industry that may put the whole, evil vampire’s nest out of business. Bravo, Obama!

See me draw this one in the live-stream video below!

And watch me color it in Photoshop on my Wacom Cintiq in the live-stream video below while I chat with fans from


Poor Hillary Portrait

150224 600 Poor Hillary Portrait cartoons


Payday Loan Hearings

146450 600 Payday Loan Hearings cartoons